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Monday, July 22, 2019


British Director/Producer, John Jessup, first came to Lone Pine in 2010 as Creative Director for a commercial production for Dewars Scotch. The commercial, titled – Some things are Just Worth Doing, uses the magnificent landscape of the Alabama Hills as it’s background and to enhance the “Aged Perfection” of Dewars. It is easy to see Jessup’s creativity in designing this commercial.
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Sunday October 11
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While on vacation in the U.S. in October 2013, and remembering his “good times” in Lone Pine, Jessup traveled through Lone Pine again. He was surprised to find the town full of visitors participating in the annual Lone Pine Film Festival, which is dedicated to honoring and preserving America’s Western “Cowboy Film” Heritage. John talked with many of them and with Lone Pine citizens. He left with a sense that “Something “Special” happens in Lone Pine. Not just during the Festival – but year round. The town even had built a Western Museum around the heritage of Western Films, over 700, being filmed in Alabama Hills and The Eastern Sierra Landscape.


Leo Burnett celebrated ad man, John Jessupn is turning his hand to directing to tell the story of Californian town Lone Pine and its surprising heritage.

John arranged to come back to Lone Pine in June 2014 along with his co-producer, Valerie Pierre-Louis to attend the Lone Pine Film History Museum's annual, Concert in the Rocks - "Jazz Comes West" which featured six of America’s greatest Jazz musicians. He brought a small crew hoping to get some footage for a preliminary presentation to British TV in hopes of garnering interest and support for a full documentary on Lone Pine and the Film Festival.

His preliminary trailer speaks for itself… WOW!

In October 2014 Lone Pine celebrate its 25th Film Festival – A Silver Anniversary of its dedication to Western Films. John & Crew came back to film it all and are now working on a final documentary which we hope to screen at our 2015 Film Festival.

John in a brief few minutes has truly captured the enthusiasm that all those who celebrate Lone Pine and its heritage. And it clearly leaves you wanting …More. - Click here to read about the Project.

John…we are here and waiting!  Thanks – See you soon!

Lone Pine Trailer 1280 from John Jessup on Vimeo.

Directed /Produced by By John Jessup

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