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Saturday, May 25, 2019


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Movie Site Tours

AUDIE MURPHY FIRST TOUR - Immediately Follows the Presentation (3:30 PM - 6:00 PM)
First Tour leaves from the South Parking Lot @ 3:30 PM on Friday 
Second Tour (Saturday October 6 Leaves from the South Parking Lot of Museum @ 3:00 PMSoldOut 50 x

Hell Bent Lobby Card

For the 2018 festival the Audie tour has been revamped to include new locations. We will re-trace the steps of America's war hero Audie Murphy as we take you to where he made three of his most interesting movies, Hell Bent for Leather (1959), Posse from Hell (1960), and Showdown (1962). Murphy was a better actor than he gave himself credit for and was involved in some production planning such as location spotting. Warren and Ross will show you not only sites from the films but also where some of these movies' most thrilling stunts were performed. The tour will incorporate some "Audie audio". Please also note that the tour will involve some uphill walking.Posse From Hell Lobbby Card

Prior to the first location tour Ross and Warren will present an overview of the life, times, and heroics in real life on and off the screen of America’s great war hero - Audie Murphy. The presentation will use images, film clips and music to showcase the many aspects of a very interesting man. Warren and Ross will focus on the three films that Audie made in the Lone Pine area. This includes; Hell Bent for Leather, Posse from Hell and Showdown. They will also show clips from other film locations that will be sighted on the tour.

Please note that there is only one presentation for the two tours. The presentation and the tour are very closely linked so Warren and Ross believe that you will find the tour more rewarding if you attend this presentation.

Audie Pic 1

Access to many of the movie locations are off-road and require walking over deep sand or rough terrain. It is imperative that one wear appropriate footwear, preferably hiking or trail shoes.

Travel to the movie locations is by car caravan and over dirt roads; in some cases moderate rough terrain. Most cars will not have a problem with access. Low clearance vehicles are not recommended. Four-wheel drive cars are best. Car Caravan tours tickets must be purchased per person not per car. Persons not having a respective tour ticket will not be permitted on the tour.

CLICK HERE to READ Liability Waiver. Your purchase of a ticket designates that you have read and reviewed this waiver..

Ross and Warren 72 dpiAbout Your Tour Guides: The call of the Alabama Hills has lured Warren Davey and Ross Schnioffsly back to Lone Pine. They have been rootin'-tootin', but very little shootin' lounge chair cowboys since Walt Disney dusted off Davy Crockett's old coonskin cap. Ross and Warren live just west of Lone Pine in the little frontier town of Melbourne, Australia. TV westerns arrived in Australia in 1956 and they have loved them ever since. Despite spending most of their working life in all forms of education from elementary schools to universities, Warren and Ross have held on to their sanity, barely! Ross, who loves making little docos on cinema history, was a research librarian at La Trobe University, Melbourne and Warren, who loves reading about all things western, is a retired elementary school librarian and both happily maintain disorganized lives. Ross and Warren will deliver a presentation on Audie Murphy followed by an updated location tour.

Tour: FRIDAY October 5th 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM SoldOut 50 x
TOUR: SATURDAY OCTOBER 6th 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM SoldOut 50 x

Leaves from the South Parking Lot of Museum 

Audie Murphy 

Movie Site Tours

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