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Saturday, May 25, 2019


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ARCHES OF THE ALABAMAS  FRIDAY (8:00 AM - 10:30 AM) SoldOut 50 x
Tour Leaves from the South Parking Lot of Museum @ 8:00 AM

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Arch with Page Page 72 dpi

Most people would agree that the Alabama Hills exhibit an extraordinary beauty with its unique rock formations, stunning skylines, and the backdrop of the majestic High Sierra mountain range. It is no wonder that the film industry has repeatedly chosen this area as a location for so many movies. However, hidden within the rocks, there is another, often overlooked, natural treasure, the arches of the Alabama Hills.

The tour is a Car Caravan and access to many of the movie locations are off-road and require walking over deep sand or rough terrain. It is imperative that one wear appropriate footwear, preferably hiking or trail shoes. 

Travel to the movie locations is over dirt roads; in some cases moderate rough terrain. Most cars will not have a problem with access. Low clearance vehicles are not recommended. Four-wheel drive cars are best. CAR CARAVAN TOUR TICKETS MUST BE PURCHASED “PER PERSON” NOT PER CAR. Persons not having a respective tour ticket will not be permitted on the tour.

CLICK HERE to READ Liability Waiver. Your purchase of a ticket designates that you have read and reviewed this waiver.

About Your Tour Guide: 

PAGE WILLIAMSPage Williams is a fifth generation native Californian and part time California Historian and Wildlife photographer. Page has worked in the entertainment industry for over forty four years, first in the theater with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and then with the London Royal Ballet and New York Opera. She has worked here in Hollywood for the past 35 years and was currently elected to her third term on the executive board of I.A.T.S.E. local 80. At this point Page would rather be in Lone Pine.

Arches Book


Arches of the Alabama Hills: A guide to 72 arches and 23 other features of the Alabama Hills. Includes GPS coordinates, 10 maps, and 71 color photos. by Orlyn Fordham.


Further Reading: Arches of the Alabama's Website

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