Page Williams & Thomas Kelsey

Ansel Adams

Sat. 8:00am & 11:30am • Sun. 8:00am

Ansel Adams said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand. Join California Historian Page Williams and Photojournalist Thomas Kelsey to follow in Ansel Adams’ footsteps to five specific sites in which he created images that capture our beautiful landscape. Bring your camera of choice. Learn about Ansel Adams, and take your own photos of the areas. When you get home and look at the photos, send your favorite one in, and we will post them on the Lone Pine Film Festival Facebook page. 

***Camera, sunscreen, sturdy walking shoes! Some walking over uneven ground!

(Photo courtesy of Thomas Kelsey with permission from The Ansel Adams Publishing Trust.)


Don Kelsen


Fri. 8:45am
FULL & 2:30pm Sat. 2:30pm 

Robert Mitchum, begins his motion picture career, in the 1940’s usually as an outlaw in Hopalong Cassidy films. George Reeves, ten years before becoming legendary as televisions Superman, begins his acting career, 1939 as Stuart Tarleton in GONE WITH THE WIND. In 1943 Mitchum and Reeves are co stars in Cassidy film, BAR 20. Mitchum’s fifth appearance in a Hoppy film, Reeves fifth, but final Hoppy film, Lesley Selander, director. In a confrontational scene, between Mitchum and Reeves, watch the film, then drive to and stand in the foot steps of the actor who lands a left handed punch, knocking the other to the ground, in the Alabama Hills.


Richard W. Bann


Fri. 11:30am
FULL • Sat. 11:00am FULL

• Sun. 2:00pm FULL

PRESENTATION Friday 10:30am
Museum Theatre
(1 hour +)

Please attend before you take the tour.

Visit the still-working ranch which served as the original "Bar 20” in the first Hopalong Cassidy feature film made in 1935. Come and see the historic and beautiful Lubken Ranch. Incredibly, the many westerns film location books have all ignored it because until 2011 its storied movie history was unknown, even at our own festival. We begin in the museum theatre with a video compilation of western excerpts shot at this pastoral venue covering the period from 1926 through 1949.

Then travel up into the splendors of Lone Pine scenery via car caravan to tour the sacred grounds of the Lubken spread. There we will search for the ghosts of cowboy heroes who made scenes here we have known practically all our lives: Gene Autry, Randolph Scott, Bob Steele, Tim Holt, Ken Maynard, Fred Humes, Gabby Hayes, Richard Arlen, Big Boy Williams, Bill Cody, Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix, Johnny Mack Brown, Tom Tyler — even BONANZA shot here!

***Some walking is required.


Greg Parker


Fri. 11:30am & 3:00pm • Sat. 2:00pm

Released in August 1950 by RKO Pictures, BORDER TREASURE stars Tim Holt as rancher, Ed Porter, along with sidekick, Chito Rafferty (Richard Martin), who come to the rescue of a mule train in old Arizona. The caravan is carrying cash, jewels and other valuables intended as disaster relief to aid earthquake victims across the nearby border in Mexico. After chasing off the would-be robbers Porter and Chito agree to escort Anita Castro (Inez Cooper) and her caravan the rest of the way. But another attempt to steal the loot by outlaws, Bat (John Doucette) and Rod (House Peters, Jr) is successful. Porter and Chito then have to come up with a way to retrieve the ‘Border Treasure’ while also trying to convince Anita that they were not part of the gang.

This film has been digitally remastered and features remarkably clear and dramatic locations in the Alabama Hills that will been seen on the tour.

***Hat, water, and sturdy shoes recommended for there will be some strenuous walking.

Cisco Kid.jpg

Greg Parker


Sat. 10:30am • Sun. 8:30am & 2:30pm

Released in December 1939 by 20 th Century Fox, THE CISCO KID AND THE LADY stars Cesar Romero in the title role. He and sidekick, Gordito (Chris-Pin Martin), come across a mortally wounded miner with a baby. Before dying the man gives a partial map to a gold mine to the Cisco Kid and, unwittingly, another part to the man who had him shot. The Cisco Kid and Gordito, along with some help from the Lady (Marjorie Weaver), then set out to protect the mine’s location from the bad guys while attempting to find a home for the baby who is also the heir to the mine. This film also features Ward Bond and a young George Montgomery in supporting roles.

THE CISCO KID AND THE LADY was the second in a series of seven Cisco Kid films produced and released by 20 th Century Fox Pictures from 1939 to 1941 and the first with Cesar Romero in the title role.

On this tour we’ll see where the wounded miner was found, where a stagecoach was stopped and the secret location of the gold mine.


Chris Langley


Sat. 10:00am FULL

Technically, most serious Western fans have some requirements for films to meet the standard of being a “classic” western. Horses, cattle, bad guys, a western landscape as well as heroes, and a time period somewhere from 1870 to 1900. Directed by iconoclast director Quentin Tarantino, many think of DJANGO as a western. What do you think? Tour Guide Chris Langley worked on the film as Inyo County Film Commissioner for more than three month and will take you to several locations, and share stories and insights in what it is like to work with an auteur director. The tour will begin in the museum to see its special exhibit before setting out. Tarantino films will screen Sunday in the Museum. Be sure to look for references to the making of B westerns like those of Lone Pine in ONCE UPON A TIME… IN HOLLYWOOD. It is a film referred to recently by the director as his career concluding “epic.” He has released a book version and also a graphic novel titled “Django and Zorro.”

***Some walking involved so hat, water, and sturdy shoes recommended.


Molly Trauscht

The Timeless Geologic Tale of the Hollywood's Overlooked Star: The Alabama Hills

Sat.9:30am FULL & 1:00pm FULL • Sun. 9:30am FULL

Why do filmmakers flock to the Alabama Hills year after year? The answer is simple; the unique landscape. Though these hills have been cherished and featured in over 400 films, they are the true unheard storytellers. Hear their origin story and how natural processes shaped them for millions of years into their iconic landscape we enjoy today.

Meet at Arch Trail Parking - we will walk the 1 mile loop trail and discuss the geologic story of the Alabama Hills.

***Please wear comfortable shoes with traction, sunscreen, layers (you never know out there), water, snacks, hiking poles (optional, but there will be a few steep sections).


Tyler Malone


Sat.9:00am FULL & 1:30pm FULL • Sun. 10:00am

A few years before Randolph Scott’s brilliant run of films with director Budd Boetticher, Roy Huggins directed him in HANGMAN'S KNOT (1952), an oft-overlooked masterpiece that foresaw a lot of the stylistic and thematic elements (not to mention the Alabama Hills rocks) that would become trademarks of those Scott-Boetticher films like THE TALL T and RIDE LONESOME. Scott stars here as Major Matt Stewart, in charge of a troop of Confederate soldiers whose mission it is to attack a wagon of Union gold. Unbeknownst to them, the war has ended, and after succeeding in the ambush, they find themselves wanted men for striking after Lee’s surrender. They hole up in a stageline waystation with some hostages and tensions boil over. The first half of the film is shot almost entirely in the Alabama Hills, whereas the second half of the film is shot almost entirely at Corriganville (once a movie ranch, now a public park, in Simi Valley). On the tour we’ll see the site where the initial gold wagon ambush takes place in that exquisite long opening sequence as well as a number of other film locations from the rest of the first half of the film.


Don Kelsen


Watch the episode in the Museum Theatre
Mon. at 10:00am


Tour Mon. 10:45am FULL

HAVE GUN WILL TRAVEL "The Outlaw" First Season, second episode broadcast September 1957. Guest Stars are Charles Bronson and Peggy Stewart.

Richard Boone is a Lone Pine favorite. Escaped killer, Manfred Holt is captured by Paladin (Richard Boone) after a standoff with authorities. Paladin, hired to return Holt ( Charles Bronson) to face a judge and Jury, for murder persuades Paladin to let him visit his wife and new son, he’s never met. In the journey to see his family, Holt and Paladin bond as the journey across the Alabama Hills to visit Holt’s family.

***Hat, water, and sturdy shoes recommended for there will be some strenuous walking.


Mike Royer

John Wayne and The West That Never Really Was! 

Fri. 12:45pm FULL • Sat. 12:30pm • Sun. 9:00am


Friday 12:00pm (45 min +)
Museum Theatre

Please attend before if you are taking the tour.

Tour locations where John Wayne and the directors and cowboy stars of the "B" Western movies of long ago helped shape the Hollywood myths of the West that never really was, yet still entertain us to this day with their hard riding and six shooters that never needed reloading!. You will walk right where they toiled in the dust and rocks of the majestic Alabama Hills, one of John Wayne's "favorite places of all time." Take a trip to the Past with your guide Mike Royer, Roy, Gene, Hoppy, and John Wayne. Welcome aboard, Pilgrims!


Chris Langley


Sun. 9:00am FULL

MAVERICK, directed by the late Richard Donner, and starring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster in a western comedy. Many challenges including controlling the length, character actors, and great locations and period sets were needed to make the film popular fun for the audience. Tour Guide Chris Langley was on many of the sets and will share his candid pictures of Gibson and James Garner, the “lost” Magician’s cabin, (cut from the film) and recalcitrant animatronic rattlesnakes as the tour moves from the Alabamas to the Owens Lake.


***Hat, water, sturdy shoes, recommended because there is some walking.


Larry Maurice


Sat. 6:00am & Sun. 6:00am

For 31 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breathtaking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra “Sunrise Tour.” A photographer’s dream event, but so inspirational, everyone can enjoy this early morning spectacle. See why directors and cinematographers couldn’t get enough of the spectacular mornings in “The Range of Light.” Watch the morning sun ignite the peak of Mt. Whitney and bring the Alabama Hills to life. Join Cowboy Poet, Larry Maurice for good fellowship with a spectacular light show, a continental breakfast, a little music, a little poetry, and a start to your film festival day that will never be forgotten.


Don Kelsen


Sat. 8:45am • Sun. 8:00am & 3:00pm

Ken Maynard, considered one of the most successful Western Stars, from silent films to talkies of his generation bamboozles as a wares peddler, working undercover as an investigator for a Cattleman’s Association. As a masked rider the investigation leads Ken through the Alabama Hills, hounding badman Ward Bond, star of 1950’s TV show Wagon Train.’The halloween masked Maynard finds Bond’s, lawless character, with construction of a barbed wire fence, charging cattlemen $5 a head, for the right to journey through a short cut, in the hills. Two years later, director William Witney, in this same area will film the ambush scene, of the Republic Serial THE LONE RANGER in an area of the Alabama Hills know, today as Lone Ranger Canyon. Quentin Tarantino, director of DJANGO UNCHAINED filmed in the same area, come on along for the tour, Shall you?


Chris Langley

THE HITCH-HIKER: A Classic Film Noir In The Daytime In The Desert

Fri. 10:30am FULL

Based on a real event, and directed by a female director Ida Lupino, one of the very few working in the United States, THE HITCH-HIKER is unusual on several counts. It was filmed almost entirely in the Alabama Hills, frequently in the daytime, by a noted and prolific female director. On this tour, film historian Chris Langley will take you to several locations challenging to find including, the flat tire hill, the tin can-shooting scene, the well/ mine and the “corridors,” overlooking  The Cattle Pocket.

Be sure to take in the restored version of this  film screening in the Museum theater before the tour.

***Hat, water, and sturdy shoes recommended for there will be some walking.


Tyler Malone


Fri. 10:15am FULL • Sun. 8:30am

WESTWARD HO (1935) is one of the best Poverty Row Westerns that John Wayne starred in during the 1930s, before his big break in John Ford’s STAGECOACH at the end of that decade. Directed by Robert N. Bradbury (father of fellow Western star Bob Steele), WESTWARD HO sees Wayne in a similar set-up to KING OF THE PECOS, from the following year, which was the focus of a tour at the last Lone Pine Film Festival in 2019: Wayne plays a man returning to the land of his youth, determined to avenge the death of his parents, who were murdered by a band of outlaws when he was just a boy. As in KING OF THE PECOS, the Alabama Hills act as a gorgeous backdrop, the perfect stage on which Wayne can mete out justice. Our tour will trace various locations seen throughout the film, including the Singing Riders’ camp site, the spot where the riders round-up Black Bart’s gang, the rock where Wayne daydreams of his dead family, and, of course, the place where Wayne gets the closing kiss from his leading lady, Sheila Bromley.


DON-KELSEN 238X243_edited.jpg

Don Kelsen
Tour Coordinator, Museum Board Member, Photographer

Don has been attending and learning about Alabama Hills film locations since our first Festival in 1990. Inspiration for pinpointing filming locations comes from Kelsen’s association with Festival co-founder Dave Holland and their work together on Dave’s first video, ON LOCATION IN LONE PINE.


Chris Langley
Inyo County Film Commisstioner, Festival Committee Member

Founder of the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group, Langley’s environmental advocacy won a National Conservation Cooperation Award and a Sierra Nevada Business Council 20/20 Vision Award. He is the author of the Lone Pine and Mount Whitney editions of the book series Images of America, as well as From Jayhawkers to Jawas: a Short History of Filming in Death Valley.



Greg Parker
Tour Guide, Festival Committee Member

Greg has been a dedicated Lone Pine movie location hunter since meeting late film festival board member, Ray Powell, in 1999.  To date he has found over 2000 scene locations from over 180 movies and television shows in and around Lone Pine that began with finding the chase scenes in High Sierra with Humphrey Bogart on Whitney Portal Rd. The thrill of finding scenes was as exciting as the chase in the movie for him. Greg graduated from the University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles and has lived in Reno, NV since 1978.  With an appreciation of pioneering filmmaking he is an avid silent movie buff whose personal film collection includes films dating back to 1903’s THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY featuring “Bronco Billy” Anderson. Greg has recently retired and now has even more time to study films made in Lone Pine and discover many new locations.


Larry Maurice
Tour Guide, Cowboy Poet, and Festival Host

Larry has spent the last 36 years as a cowboy, horse wrangler and packer in the Eastern Sierra and the high deserts of Nevada. You’re likely to find him on a horse when he is not performing his brand of Cowboy Poetry. He received the Lifetime Achievement in Cowboy Poetry Award from the National Cowboy Symposium, and the Academy of Western Artists’ coveted Will Rogers Cowboy Award for Cowboy Poet of the Year. Maurice has been a Lone Pine regular since the Festival’s beginning in 1989.

molly-trauscht 238x243.jpg

Mike Royer
Tour Guide, Artist Extraordinaire

A returning tour guide, Mike Royer went to LA in his early 20s and started a career as a comic book illustrator, for some of the most recognizable characters and strips in history, like, oh say, Tarzan, the leopard skin clad, muscle bound vine-swinging gentleman. That alone is enough of a claim to fame. But it is only one of the many credits in Royer’s long career, which includes working on comic books for both for DC and Marvel Comics and helping Disney with books, characters and theme parks. His favorite motion picture period is the 1930s and the chapter-play/serials of the 30s and 40s…

Growing up in Salt Lake City, Utah, I quickly became fascinated with the environmental and geological wonders that surrounded me. I completed my bachelors degrees in Geography and Geology at the University of Utah and my masters degree in Geology at Portland State University. After graduate school, I moved to Bishop, California to feel connected with the things I love most; rocks, mountains, and the high desert environments. I had the opportunity to work with the Eastern Sierra Interpretive Association as their Program Operations Director where I developed and led educational programs, events, and stewardship programs in collaboration with other non-profits and agency partners in the Owens Valley. Currently, I am lucky to work as an Adult Education Teacher with the Inyo County Office of Education. In this position I assist adults achieve their goals of completing their high school diploma, prepare to take the GED, learn or improve their English language skills, and enhance their basic skills to improve their employability or to transition to college. I’m also a docent with the 3rd grade Taking Root and 5th grade Branching Out programs with the Inyo County Office of Education, in collaboration with the Bishop Paiute Tribe. These monthly field programs allow kids to learn about outdoor science education, improve their environmental literacy, and connect scientific perspectives with indigenous perspectives of the land and grow their sense of place.


Page Williams
Tour Guide, Historian, Photographer

Page is a California Historian, and a fifth generation native of California. Page spent over 40 years working in the film industry until her retirement five years ago. She is an avid photographer and horsewoman.


Thomas Kelsey
Tour Guide, Photojournalist

Thomas Kelsey’s connection to the Eastern Sierra runs deep as he has skied, fished, hiked and photographed the area since the 1970’s. During his career, he has worked as a staff photographer at nine different newspapers including 12 years at the Los Angeles Times. He grew up in California’s Central coast and graduated from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, CA with a degree in Journalism in 1977. In 1981, Kelsey was chosen to attend the Ansel Adams Workshop. It was Adams’ last workshop in his beloved Yosemite Valley. Spending time with Ansel Adams in the Sierra Nevada sparked a passion into Kelsey’s photography that he has to this day. He has published two books, The Spirit of the West, a 30 year project focused on landscape & wildlife photography in the Western United States and 75 Years Later-Warbirds, Airman & Veterans of World War II, a tribute that honors the Greatest Generation in 2020.

DelGaudio to use-SharpenAI-softness copy.jpg

The DelGaudio Brothers
John & Mike

The DelGaudio Brothers grew up on Huntington, Long Island (yes the same Huntington as Chris Langley!) & enjoyed watching old westerns on TV with our Dad. We've been traveling out to California and attending the Lone Pine Film Festival since 1996 and have been searching out and visiting film locations ever since. Mike still lives in Huntington and is a computer programmer. John lives in Fredericksburg, VA and is retired from the NY State Police.


Richard W. Bann
Tour Guide, Author, Film HIstorian

Richard is a film historian and author of books on Laurel and Hardy, Our Gang, W.C. Fields, Hal Roach, and John Wayne. He’s also a regular essayist for Lone Pine at the Movies, and a major source for 16mm prints for the Film Festival the last 20 years.

Bann started his career as a CPA, testifying on behalf of William Boyd Enterprises; was vice president of Blackhawk Films, and served as consultant to CMG Worldwide agency, which represents the estates of Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Babe Ruth, James Dean, Jackie Robinson, and others. Bann is a library consultant to European film and TV company Kirch Media GmbH, responsible for restoring and preserving the Hal Roach Studios 35mm nitrate film collection.



Tyler Malone
Tour Guide, Writer

Tyler Malone is a writer, professor, and film location hunter. He lives in Los Angeles and writes film, literature, and art criticism for the Los Angeles Times, the LA Review of Books, Poetry, CineasteLiterary Hub,, Artforum, and elsewhere.

Marc Wanamaker as a Railroad scout 2019 (2).jpg

Marc Wanamaker
Bison Archives

Marc Wanamaker is a renown historian, archivist, and lecturer in film history. In 1971, he founded Bison Archives in Los Angeles, a leading repository of research and photographs of motion picture history. He assisted in forming the American Film Institute facilities in Beverly Hills in 1969 and was an AFI staff member for seven years. His extensive list of publications includes over a dozen books as well as articles in the Los Angeles Times and interviews in numerous documentaries related to motion picture history.

Wanamaker is a founder of the Los Angeles International Film Exposition and assisted in forming The American Cinematheque. His vast experience co-producing film festivals and expositions led to an appointment as a program consultant with the Pordenone Silent Film Conference in Italy. He has tapped into his vast collection in Bison Archives to produce several historical film festivals, conferences, and programs.

In 2012, he donated more than 70,000 photographs from his private collection at Bison Archives to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Margaret Herrick Library.