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Saturday, May 25, 2019


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Museum theater

Saturday 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM
Admittance by Film Festival Button Only

TrailGuideCover“Top 10 List” selection returns to the festival for its thirteenth year. David Matuszak, author of The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns, returns to the festival to moderate an audience discussion about a new subject related to Western filmmaking. Each year Western movie fans gather to discuss and select a list of their top 10 favorites in various Western categories.

This year Matuszak will host a “round table discussion” regarding the best feature-length Western movie ending scenes of all time. The final scene of a Western is often the most memorable. Who can forget the closing scene of Shane? Watch examples of classic final scenes and decide for yourself which are your favorites. Help select the festival’s official Top 10 list.

Matuszak will lead a discussion regarding the essential elements of America’s only true art form—Western filmmaking. Discuss how the Western bridges the gap between the myth of the West and the spirit of the West. Explore the contributions that Westerns have made to American culture. Compare your favorite Western movie ending scenes with Matuszak’s top 10 list. Join in the discussion or sit back and enjoy the conversation of both working and armchair cowboys alike as they select the “Lone Pine Film Festival’s Top 10 Western Movie Final Scenes

David Matuszak is a Western historian and modern-day frontiersman. He has written extensively about the American West, particularly the Western film genre, and has spent his life experiencing frontier adventures. From breaking horses in the tradition of the Californio vaquero, competing in ranch roping competitions, prospecting the Sierra Nevada, performing in a Wild West show, riding with the mounted posse, building a log cabin, buffalo hunting, re-enacting the Lewis & Clark expedition, to ranching, Matuszak has spent his entire life living and exploring in the West. He brings to any discussion of the West real-life frontier experiences along with an academic background.

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October 11 -14

30th Anniversary Celebration

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Mid June 2019



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