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Saturday, May 25, 2019


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Lobby CardTHE MAKING OF GUNGA DIN - 80th Anniversary of the Movies filming (in Lone Pine)

Bill Chemerka loves history: he's taught it, written about it (15 books and hundreds of articles!), and talked about it many times on the History Channel and in public. And he's a longtime fan of Gunga Din; in fact, it's his favorite film.

Chemerka's latest book, Gunga Din: From Kipling's Poem to Hollywood's Action-Adventure Classic, and his Film Festival presentation are more than a "making of" story. They not only provide an in-depth behind-the-scenes description of the film but explain the political climate on the eve of World War II. Learn about the early plagiarism charge against the production company, the movie's legacy as one of the first films broadcast on TV, and its reaction in India. And, not least of all, learn about Rudyard Kipling and the famous poem that started it all!

Saturday October 6th  (8:00 AM – 9:30 AM)
Museum Theater
Admittance by Festival Button or Tour Ticket Only


The Producers of Gunga Din used a number of locations in the Alabama Hills. Join Bill on a very special opportunity to tour the Gunga Din locationsThe tour will focus in battle scenes in the Ruiz Hill area, The Temple of Horseshoe Meadow, a quick stop near where tent city was built and the famous Gunga Din bridge.

Tour Times:
Tour #1: Saturday October 6th   12:00 Noon - 2:00 PM

Tour #2: Sunday October 7th         3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

Bill Chemerka is the author of fifteen books which include Fess Parker: TV's Frontier Hero, Rock and Roll Recollections: A Journalist's 50-Year Diary, General Joseph Warren Revere: The Gothic Saga of Paul Revere’s Grandson, Music of the Alamo: From 19th Century Ballads to Big-Screen Soundtracks, and Gunga Din: From Kipling's Poem to Hollywood's Action-Adventure Classic.

Chemerka, a member of the Western Writers of America and the Company of Military Historians, frequently lectures at historical organization events, public functions and on television. He has been an on-camera commentator for ten History channel productions including The Real West: The Battle of the Alamo, Frontier: The Decisive Battles, Live From Austin: The Story of Davy Crockett, and America’s Book of Secrets.

Chemerka, is also a member of SAG-AFTRA and has appeared on the BBC, C-SPAN’s Book TV, and radio and television programs around the country. He was also a co-writer for the History Channel’s Emmy-nominated documentary First Invasion: The War of 1812, and was the writer and associate producer for the independent docudrama film, The Battle of Bunker Hill.

Chemerka founded The Alamo Society in 1986, and served as the editor of The Alamo Journal, the organization's official publication, for thirty years. He was a founding member of the North Jersey Civil War Roundtable, and received the organizations’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012.

He and his wife, Debbie, reside in Florida.

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October 11 -14

30th Anniversary Celebration

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Mid June 2019



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