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Monday, July 22, 2019


Richard W. Bann
Richard W. Bann is the host of Lone Pine's Bar 20 Ranch Tour, a regular essayist for Lone Pine And The Movies, and a major source for 16mm prints for the festival the last 20 plus years, film historian and author (books on Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, W.C. Fields, Hal Roach, John Wayne). Bann started his career as a CPA testifying on behalf of William Boyd Enterprises with respect to Hopalong Cassidy films litigation and later was vice-president of Blackhawk Films, Inc. More recently he served as consultant to CMG Worldwide, the marketing and licensing agent representing the estates of Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Babe Ruth, James Dean, Vince Lombardi, Jackie Robinson, etc. For the past 30 years Bann has been library consultant to a European film and TV company, Kirch Media GmbH and related entities, where he spent $4 million restoring and preserving the Hal Roach Studios 35mm nitrate film collection.  Bann's knowledge of “movies" and western heritage is always kindly shared in Lone Pine. 

Bill Chemerka

Bill Chemerka is the author of fifteen books which include Fess Parker: TV's Frontier Hero, Rock and Roll Recollections: A Journalist's 50-Year Diary, General Joseph Warren Revere: The Gothic Saga of Paul Revere’s Grandson, Music of the Alamo: From 19th Century Ballads to Big-Screen Soundtracks, and Gunga Din: From Kipling's Poem to Hollywood's Action-Adventure Classic.

Chemerka, a member of the Western Writers of America and the Company of Military Historians, frequently lectures at historical organization events, public functions and on television. He has been an on-camera commentator for ten History channel productions including The Real West: The Battle of the Alamo, Frontier: The Decisive Battles, Live From Austin: The Story of Davy Crockett, and America’s Book of Secrets.

Chemerka, is also a member of SAG-AFTRA and has appeared on the BBC, C-SPAN’s Book TV, and radio and television programs around the country. He was also a co-writer for the History Channel’s Emmy-nominated documentary First Invasion: The War of 1812, and was the writer and associate producer for the independent docudrama film, The Battle of Bunker Hill. Chemerka founded The Alamo Society in 1986, and served as the editor of The Alamo Journal, the organization's official publication, for thirty years. He was a founding member of the North Jersey Civil War Roundtable, and received the organizations’ Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. He and his wife, Debbie, reside in Florida.

Allen Glazner

Allen Glazner grew up among citrus trees in Upland, California, and fell in love with mountains, deserts, and science as a child. He attended Pomona College, majoring in geology, earned a Ph.D. at UCLA, and took a faculty position at the University of North Carolina in 1981, where he has been ever since. He grew up watching monster movies and westerns and knew that those monsters and cowboys were out there in the desert. His research deals with volcanic rocks, granites, and plate tectonics, and he works all over eastern California, including Yosemite, the Mojave Desert, and Owens Valley. He has coauthored three popular books on California’s geology: Geology Underfoot in Southern California, Geology Underfoot in Yosemite National Park, and, most relevant to Lone Pine, Geology Underfoot in Owens Valley and Death Valley.

Don Kelsen
Don Kelsen has been attending and learning about the Alabama Hills, film locations since the first festival in 1990. Inspiration for pin pointing filming locations comes from Don’s association with Festival co-founder Dave Holland and their work together on Dave’s first video: “On Location in Lone Pine”  

Larry Maurice
Larry Maurice has spent the last thirty five years as a Cowboy, horse wrangler and packer in the Eastern Sierra and the high deserts of Nevada.You're likely to find him leading a string of mules into the back country, on a horse drive in the Owens Valley of California, or working with Longhorn cattle in Virginia City, Nevada.Larry juggles his need to be on horseback with his busy entertainment schedule. A sought after entertainer, not only for his Cowboy Poetry that speaks from the heart of the day to day Cowboy, but also for his ability to breathe life into the history of the American West.

He is an exceptional after-dinner speaker and spends a great deal of time in schools around the country talking to children about the role the Cowboy has played and continues to play in the development of the west. Through poetry, song and stories, Larry is able to transport his audience back in time, allowing them to experience the cattle drives, characters and critters of the old west. Larry has been honored with the "Lifetime Achievement in Cowboy Poetry Award" from the prestigious National Cowboy Symposium in Lubbock,Texas. In July of 2000, Larry received the Academy of Western Artists coveted "Will Rogers Cowboy Award" for Cowboy Poet of the Year.

Larry has been a "Lone Pine" regular since the festival's beginning in 1989 providing guidance, support and friendship throughout the years.

Chris Langley
Chris Langley is a life-long educator, has lived in and studied the Mojave Desert for over forty years. Achieving his BA in English-History at Dartmouth College, He is the writer/historian part of a collaboration (along with Osceola Refetoff, fine art photographer) called “”High & Dry: dispatches from the land of little rain” and their work can be found at desertdispatches.com.

Langley’s writing includes work appearing regularly in The Inyo Register, and KCET Artbound. Other publications include a history of Lone Pine, CA, a cultural history of Mount Whitney, and From Jayhawkers to Jawas: a Short History of Filming in Death Valley. Founder of the Alabama Hills Stewardship Group, Langley’s environmental advocacy won commendations including a Nat’l Conservation Cooperation Award. He recently was named California’s Outdoor Writer of the Year, and nominated as a finalist in the Socal Journalism Awards sponsored by the L.A. Press Club in the category of activism journalism. He served as director of the Film Festival for four years, and interim executive Director of the museum. He is now secretary of the Museum Board.

Melody Holland Ogburn

Joining us again, Melody is the daughter of festival cofounder Dave Holland. Having led guests on bus tours as a step-on guide since the first year, she notes first-time attendees on at least one of her tours each weekend. “Every year brings great, new experiences through these movie location tours. I treasure seeing people meet to share with old friends. Others make new friends. And they’re all enjoying the area. It’s a unique festival!”

Robert & Krissy Oswald

Robert has been a Lone Pine resident for the past 22 years and has been interested in science fiction for most of his life.  His wife Krissy, who will be his ‘Vanna White” for the tour,  is a talented server at The Mt. Whitney Restaurant here in Lone Pine. He has been working for the film museum for the past year and has great enthusiasm for the films associated with the Alabama Hills.

Ross Schnioffsky & Warren Davey
The call of the Alabama Hills has lured Warren and Ross back to Lone Pine. They have been rootin'-tootin', but very little shootin' lounge chair cowboys since Walt Disney dusted off Davy Crockett's old coonskin cap. Ross and Warren live just west of Lone Pine in the little frontier town of Melbourne, Australia. TV westerns arrived in Australia in 1956 and they have loved them ever since. Despite spending most of their working life in all forms of education from elementary schools to universities, Warren and Ross have held on to their sanity, barely! Ross, who loves making little docos on cinema history, was a research librarian at La Trobe University, Melbourne and Warren, who loves reading about all things western, is a retired elementary school librarian and both happily maintain disorganized lives. Ross and Warren will deliver a presentation on Audie Murphy followed by an updated location tour.


Burt & Donna Yost Returning from a ski trip, Columbus Day weekend 1990, Burt and Donna Yost discovered Lone Pine and as it happens, the Lone Pine Film Festival. Fans of old westerns, Burt and Donna soon started making trips to Lone Pine and the Alabama's in search of their favorite movie locations. That led to a meeting with film Festival founder, Kerry Powell, and Director, Dave Holland with whom they became fast friends.

Since then, Burt and Donna have developed many additional friends in Lone Pine and have become well versed in the Alabama's and Eastern Sierra landscape and respective movie locations. Their annual festival tours are always a sell-out, especially the "Back Lot" tour featured above. Burt and Donna call Santa Barbara home, when not in Lone Pine.

Page Williams
Page Williams is a fifth generation Native Californian, and part time Californian Historian & Wildlife Photographer.  Page has worked in the entertainment industry for over forty-five years, beginning first with The Los Angeles Philharmonic, The London Royal Ballet, and The New York Opera.  She has worked here in Hollywood for the past 37 years, and has been on the I.A.T.S.E. Local 80 Executive board for sixteen years.  Probable time to move to Lone Pine!

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