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Monday, July 22, 2019


Movie Site Tours

Throughout the weekend, over 20 movie site tours will be led by our expert docents to complement the screenings. Movie locations will include John Wayne's Oregon Trail; Bill Cody’s Frontier Days; Hopalong Cassidy’s Strange Gamble and Burt and Donna Yost will return with a special edition of their “East of Lone Pine” tour. This year will also see a return of the very popular Gunga Din tour, as well as the Owens Valley Water War tour led by area historian Page Williams. Page will also lead a Saturday morning Arches tour. 

Larry Maurice's annual Sunrise Tours on Friday and Saturday morning will be back again by popular demand as well as our Australian “Lone Piner’s” Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey returning for a revamped encore of their Hell Bent on Audie Murphy tour. Two new tours this year will be – Around the Lake; Into the Sand Dunes; the Films of Owens Lake led by Chris Langley and Wagon Train to the Stars – a new format on our Science fiction film heritage hosted by Robert & Krissy Oswald. Melody Ogburn Holland returns with her North South tour visiting locations that featured Hopalong Cassidy, John Wayne, Gene Autry and Tom Mix to name a few.

We have had many requests over the last few years for an Alabama Hills geology tour. This year we are very excited to have noted, author and geologist, Dr, Allen Glazner. His 1997 book, Geology Underfoot in Death Valley and Owens Valley, defined the granite landscape of the Eastern Sierra. Alan will conduct a two-hour geology tour of the Alabama Hills preceded by a 60-minute perspective in the Museum’s theater.

Another exciting tour, hosted by the author of the 2017 book, Gunga Din: From Kipling's Poem to Hollywood's Action-Adventure Classic, William Chemerka, will be on hand to lead two tours on one of Lone Pines greatest movie locations.

Movie Site Tours

  • FRONTIER DAYS FRONTIER DAYS - Bill Cody in Lone PineSCREENING - HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM - SATURDAY 7:30 AMPLEASE NOTE: This is only screening . Those on Read More
  • ROUND - UP; LONE PINES FIRST MOVIE PRESENTATION - SATURDAY Museum Theater 12:00 NOON - 1:00 PMDiscussion with Chris Langley & Don Kelsen re The Round-Up: includes screening of Read More
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