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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


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Cottonwood Pack Station 2 Rock Creek Pack Station Cottonwood Pack Station

Cottonwood Pack Station is located at Horseshoe Meadows. The Pack Station offers two hour, half day and all day rides. Pack trips to the Cottonwood Lakes Basin and the Golden Trout Wilderness. Fully outfitted hiking and riding trips to Mt. Whitney via the Pacific Coast Trail.

At an elevation of 10,352 feet, Cottonwood Pack Station, located just East of Horseshow Meadow. The drive up Horseshow Meadow road offers breathtaking views and they only get better on Horseback (or Mule). Make sure your camera has lots of memory and bring extra batteries!

760-872-8331 or 559-478-2258

[email protected]


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Starring "Pixel" Witney
Video by Jay Dee Witney


Latest News

Celebrity Guests

Scott Eyman
Diamond Farnsworth
Vanda Krefft
Ben Mankiewicz
Wyatt McCrea
Conrad Palmisano
Robert Wagner
William Wellman Jr.


Master of Ceremonies
Larry Maurice

Guest & Panelists

William Chemerka
Larry Floyd
Allen Glazner
Scott Harris
Don Kelsen
Dennis Liff
Julie Rogers Pomilia

Panel Moderator
Ed Hulse

Thursday Night Opening Film
Screening: THE DIVIDE 

Starring Perry King  &
Sara Arrington

Friday Night Keynote Film
The Big Trail
Starring John Wayne
Special Guest, Patrick Wayne

Saturday Night Keynote Film
Broken Lance
Starring Robert Wagner

Special Guests
Members of the 
Will James Society

J. C. Munns
Accompanist on Silents

Thursday 12:30 PM
Restored Slim Princess 
in Independence