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Monday, July 22, 2019


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Patrick Wayne 72 dpi

Son of famed Academy Award winning actor, John Wayne, and godson of Oscar winning director, John Ford,Patrick Wayne is a veteran of over thirty-five motion pictures, four television series, as well as numerous television episodes and commercials. Wayne was born in Los Angeles, California, attended Loyola High School and, upon graduation, entered Loyola University in California, where he received his B.S. degree in Biology and a minor in Philosophy.

Wayne began his acting career at the age of eleven and, with the exception of active duty in the Coast Guard, he's been at it ever since. "I had reservations about becoming an actor from the time that I entered college," he says, "I thought I would get a better perspective about a career if my major were something apart from acting. College years and time in the Coast Guard gave me a more objective slant and I finally decided that I wanted a career in the entertainment business."

Many of the films Wayne has appeared in have become memorable examples of American motion picture making. His credits include The Long Grey Line, Mister Roberts, The Searchers, The Alamo, and McLintock!, to name but a few.

In television, Wayne has been equally active having starred in two dramatic series, Shirley and The Rounders, and has been featured on more than ninety television commercials.

He has been the Chairman of the Board of the John Wayne Cancer Institute since 2003. Wayne lives in the lovely Toluca Lake section of Los Angeles and is the father of Michael, Melanie and Anthony. His son. Matthew, is a freshman at York University in England

Join Patrick for the screeing of
The Big Trail
High School Auditorium
Friday @ 7:30 PM
Admission by Festival Button Only

A newly restored version of John Wayne's 1930, Raoul Walsh film, The Big Trail, Wayne’s first leading role, will be our Friday night screening. After the film, Ben Mankiewicz will moderate a a discussion about the film and John Wayne's career with Author Scott Eyman, who’s book, John Wayne: The Life and Legend, a definitive biography of Wayne , Patrick Wayne, and western author and historian, Ed Hulse.

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October 10-13

30th Anniversary Celebration

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