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Monday, July 22, 2019


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Award-winning and best-selling Western author Scott Harris is a lifelong Western enthusiast who traces his love of Western fiction back to his childhood days of reading Louis L’Amour novels.

Harris has published four novels this year, along with a collection of short stories, and variety of other fiction and non-fiction Westerns. Harris, who loves nothing more than settling into his hammock with a glass of bourbon, a cigar and great Western, has created a Western world filled with fascinating and exciting characters. The Brock Clemons Western series follows the tale of Brock Clemons and his journey into the West accompanied by his horse, “Horse,” and wolf, “Wolf.” The Brock Clemons story, especially when he is joined by his new wife Sophie and his adopted son Huck, is one of bravery, adventure and romance, transporting readers back to a time when chivalry, courage and gun fights ruled the day in the West.

Join Scott and Wyatt McCrea for a discussion on “Writing a Western” in the Twenty First Century.

Museum Theater
12:00 Noon - 1:30 PM
Admittance by Festival Button Only

Books by Scott. He will also be autographing books- see Museum or Ticket office for schedule.

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