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Saturday, May 25, 2019


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Celebrity Guests


Jay Publicity Photo 2018 01 color 72 dpi

Jay C. Munns has been entertaining audiences for nearly five decades, specializing in vintage American music from saloon piano to the great song hits of the 'twenties, 'thirties and 'forties. He has performed for two U.S. presidents and entertained countless celebrities including Bob Hope, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart, as well as movie directors from Hal Roach and Mervyn Leroy to Steven Spielberg.

He first began accompanying silent movies in college beginning with Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush. He has accompanied the silent films of Laurel and Hardy at festivals in the U.S. and England and has accompanied screenings of silent westerns for the Autry Museum of the American West. This is his fourth appearance at the Lone Pine Film Festival.

His love of vintage music and silent movies was instilled by a grandmother, who led a dance band and accompanied silent movies in rural Idaho in the 'teens and 'twenties.

 More info on Jay C.  ... .see http://www.jaycmunns.com

JaPiano byy will provide Piano Accomaniment for a selection of silent classics including - TBD

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October 11 -14

30th Anniversary Celebration

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Mid June 2019



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Celebrity Guests


Celebrity Guests

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