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Monday, July 16, 2018


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THE DIVIDE by Perry King, Jana Brown and Russ Rayburn

Inttroduction by Actress, Sara Arrington
High School Auditorium
THURSDAY October 4th
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
Admission by Festival Button Only

Divide PosterSet in drought-plagued Northern California in 1976, The Divide chronicles the story of Sam Kincaid, an aging rancher with a failing memory, his estranged and independent-minded daughter, Sarah, and Luke, a young ranch hand who finds himself in the midst of a family in crisis. Internal struggles, the realities of an unforgiving landscape, and the need to reconcile a long-ago tragedy collide to create the backdrop for this classic American Western.

Written by Jana Brown with actor/director Perry King, The Divide was filmed in El Dorado County, Calif., and features a score from the Emmy nominated, and Grammy winning duo Jay Ungar & Molly Mason. The film will have its festival premiere on April 21, 2018, at 7 p.m. at WorldFest-Houston, prior to broader distribution later in 2018.



Perry King On horseActor/director Perry King has been a fixture in Hollywood for nearly 45 years. He is perhaps best known for his role in the 1980s television series Riptide, on which he played detective Cody Allen. He has appeared in dozens of films, television movies, TV shows, and plays, including The Day After Tomorrow, The Lords of Flatbush, and Slaughterhouse-Five. Perry was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his role in the TV movie The Hasty Heart. He’s been featured in recurring television roles on Melrose Place and Spin City.

It was Perry’s role in the 1998 made-for-TV movie The Cowboy and the Movie Star, which co-starred Sean Young, that inspired him to shift gears. Perry says he decided after shooting Cowboy that he wanted to be his character from the film – a rancher seeking solace in his livelihood and his land. Not long after filming the movie, Perry purchased a 500-acre cattle ranch in the Sierra Nevada, splitting his time between the bustle of Los Angeles and the serenity of Northern California. He long dreamt of filming a Western on his own land. The ranch’s location in the heart of Gold Country, known locally as “the divide,” provided the ideal setting for such aspirations.

In 2011, Perry met Jana Brown, a writer based in Concord, New Hampshire, and the two developed an immediate collaborative friendship. From that connection came the idea, the development, and the screenplay for The Divide. The script was in development from 2012, and had its festival premiere on April 21, 2018, at WorldFest-Houston. The film is presently touring only festivals.

JANA BROWN, Screenwriter

Jana Brown is a writer and editor of multiple genres. She has been writing professionally for more than 20 years. A Boston native and a graduate of Dartmouth College, she has worked in the publishing, newspaper, and magazine industries and currently serves as editor of an award-winning alumni magazine based in Concord, New Hampshire, where she lives with her family.The Divide is Jana’s first full screenplay, and she crafted it in close collaboration with Perry King. Jana is the owner of 930 Creative LLC, a freelance writing and editorial services company. She has a screenplay and two novels in development.



Strange Gamble LobbyStrange Gamble (1948)
7:30 AM - 8:45 AM 
Admission by Festival Button or Tour Ticket Only




Under Western Stars Lobby CardUnder Western Stars (1938)
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 
Admission by Festival Button Only

Celebrating the 80th anniversary of Roy Rogers first feature film. Directed by Joseph Kane and starring Roy Rogers, Smiley Burnette, Carol Hughes, and the Maple City Four. The film is about a populist singing cowboy who decides to run for Congress in order to seek federal assistance to help small ranchers regain their water rights during the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. His campaign comes into conflict with greedy water company executives.

Under Western Stars was the first starring role for Rogers, made under contract to Republic Pictures. It was filmed on location in the Alabama Hills of  Lone Pine, California. The film's song "Dust", written by Johnny Marvin, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Song. In 2009, Under Western Stars was selected for the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant and will be preserved  for all time. (Wikipedia).

The beautifully restored film in its full and original 65 minutes, will be introduced by Western historian Ed Hulse, who will also answer questions after the screening.



THE BIG TRAIL  (1930) Starring John  Wayne

The BIg Trail Lobby CardA widescreen presentation: Discussion & Q&A will follow the film with moderator Ed Hulse interviewing TCM host, Ben Mankiewicz discussing John Wayne's career. Note: For those taking the Oregon Trail tour on Friday; The studio used footage from The Big Trail, when editing the final versions of The Oregon Trail, which released in 1936. This footage was typically, long shots of Wayne. Unfortunately, The Oregon Trail is a lost film. The tour has been composed of identifying locations in the Alabama Hills from a number of surviving stills. 
igh School Auditorium
7:00 PM - 9:30 PM
Admission by Festival Button or "Oregon Trail Tour" ticket Only




Frontier Days lobby cardFrontier Days (1934)
8:00 AM - 9:15 AM 
Admission by Festival Button or Tour Ticket Only



Richard FarnsworthA Tribute to Stuntmen
10:00 AM - 12:00 NOON
Admission by Festival Button Only


Smoky Cowhorse 1933 Poster


Smoky (1933) 
3:00 PM - 
 5:00 PM 
Admission by Festival Button Only

The Screening will be followed by a Presentation on Will James with panel including Canadian Producer, Claude Gagnon, Will James Society Presdient, Sharon DeCarlo and one of the Will James Society Founders, Tom Decker.




BROKEN LANCE  (1954) Starring Robert Wagner

Broken Lance LobbyDiscussion & Q&A will follow with moderator Ben Mankiewicz talking with Robert Wagner.
High School Auditorium
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Admission by Festival Button Only







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Larry Maurice

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William Chemerka
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Ed Hulse

Thursday Night Opening Film
Starring Perry King

Friday Night Keynote Film
The Big Trail
Starring John Wayne

Saturday Night Keynote Film
Broken Lance
Starring Robert Wagner & Patrick Wayne

Special Guests
Claude Gagnon and members of the 
Will James Society

J. C. Munns
Accompanist on Silents

Thursday 12:30 PM
Restored Slim Princess 
in Independence