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Monday, June 26, 2017


  • Sunrise Photo Tour

    Sunrise Photo Tour

    For over 25 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra Sunrise Tour. A photographer’s dream event, Read More
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Whispers of the Wild West
October 5, 2015
Geoff Dalglish

The Art and Heart of Listening
September 19, 2015|
Geoff Dalglish



Film Festival 8 Page "Wrap"

Leonard Maltin "Movie Crazy" Blog


U.S. Route 6 Tourist Information

Publicity 2012

 * Leonard Maltin comments on Lone Pine, Tarantino and Festival Indie Wire: October 4th

  * LA Times - Old West alive and well. September 30, 2012 

  * Ventura Star - Alabama Hills: Where Hollywood's West was won

  * Route 66 Tour

  * Inyo Register - Sept. 25, 2012 Fans prepare for Pilgrimage to Lone Pine

  * Josh McNair covers Lone Pine Musuem - see California
Through My Lens 

  * NBC Channel 4 Blog - Worth The Drive -  A Film Festival that's "On Location."

  * Huffington Post -
Top 15 Company Towns On Cross Country Route 6: Cowboy Movie Central, Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA

  * Press Release - Tickets go on Sale for 23rd Lone Pine Film Festival

  * RV Journal - Summer 2012

Publicity  2011

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Event Tickets


Tickets On Sale
July 2017

Latest News

Celebrity Guests
Bruce Boxleitner
Diamond Farnsworth
Ben Mankiewicz

Master of Ceremonies

Larry Maurice

Guest Authors & Panelists
Cheryl Rogers Barnett
Bob Boze Bell
Scott Eyman
Paul Andrew Hutton
John Langellier  
Wyatt McCrea
Petrine Day Mitchum
William Wellman
Rob Word

Panel Moderator
Ed Hulse

Thursday Night Opening Film
Floating Horses: The Life of Casey Tibbs

Friday Night Keynote Film
Ulzana's Raid

Saturday Night Keynote Film
The Cheyenne Social Club

Special Guests