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Friday, April 20, 2018




    SCREENING: MUSEUM THEATER -  FRIDAY OCTOBER 6th @ 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM) LONE RANGER TOUR - Immediately Follows Presentation (3:30 PM - 5:30 PM) Read More
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The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart

Cheyenne Social Club Pic1SCREENING 

Cheyenne Social Club

Starring: James Stewart, Henry Fonda and Shirley Jones

Hugh School Auditorium
SATURDAY October 7th
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM 

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When an aging cowboy arrives in Cheyenne with his best friend he finds, to his embarrassment, that the successful business he has inherited from his brother is actually a house of prostitution.

Following the screening, Host Ben Mankiewicz will lead a discussion with author Scott Eyman about the film and it’s two stars, who are the subject of his new book, Hank and Jim: The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart. Eyman is a frequent book reviewer for The Wall Street Journal. He has written over a dozen books about the Golden Age of Hollywood, including what most consider the definitive biographies of both John Wayne and John Ford.

For Hank and Jim, Eyman spoke with Fonda’s widow and children as well as three of Stewart’s children. He interviewed actors and directors who had worked with both men and did extensive archival research to get the full details of their time together. This is not just another Hollywood story, but a fascinating portrait of an extraordinary friendship that lasted through war, marriages, children, careers, and everything else life threw at them.

Fifty Year Friendship Book Cover

Hank and Jim: The Fifty-Year Friendship of Henry Fonda and James Stewart

New York Times bestselling author Scott Eyman tells the story of the remarkable friendship of two Hollywood legends who, though different in many ways, maintained a close friendship that endured all of life’s twists and turns.

Henry Fonda and James Stewart were two of the biggest stars in Hollywood for forty years. They became friends and then roommates as stage actors in New York, and when they began making films in Hollywood, they roomed together again. Between them they made such memorable films as The Grapes of Wrath, Mister Roberts, Twelve Angry Men, and On Golden Pond; and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Destry Rides Again, The Philadelphia Story, It’s a Wonderful Life, Vertigo, and Rear Window.

They got along famously, with a shared interest in elaborate practical jokes and model airplanes, among other things. Fonda was a liberal Democrat, Stewart a conservative Republican, but after one memorable blow-up over politics, they agreed never to discuss that subject again. Fonda was a ladies’ man who was married five times; Stewart remained married to the same woman for forty-five years. Both men volunteered during World War II and were decorated for their service. When Stewart returned home, still unmarried, he once again moved in with Fonda, his wife, and his two children, Jane and Peter, who knew him as Uncle Jimmy.

FLOATING HORSES: The Life of Casey Tibbs

Floating HorsesSCREENING

FLOATING HORSES: The Life of Casey Tibbs

with Introduction by Wyatt McCrea
High School Auditorium
THURSDAY October 5th
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM 

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Followed by a DISCUSSION with Director, Justin Koehler

Casey Tibbs is celebrated as the cowboy who elevated Rodeo from hard-luck contests of the early 1900s into the multimilliondollar sport it is today. 

A documentary of his life has been produced by Justin Koehler from Colorado. The Life of Casey Tibbs documentary will reveal the rags to riches story of Rodeo legend and Western movie star, Casey Tibbs. Casey’s flamboyant lifestyle included plush, purple Cadillacs and flashy cowboy attire. Casey is often credited with elevating Professional Rodeo to National attention, branding him ‘the Babe Ruth of Rodeo.’

The finest historians of Casey Tibbs, Professional Rodeo and Western film will express their opinion on the one who rode above them all. Over 30 interviews were filmed with individualswhose lives and careers were forever altered by "America's most beloved cowboy." Rare rodeo footage, classic movie scenes, and famous photographs of the 1950s will punctuate their personal testaments.  Akin to riding a wild bronc in competition, Casey’s unpredictable life had its grand victories and cheerless crashes.

SEE FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/CaseyTibbsFilm/


FLOATING HORSES - "Film Festival Trailer" from Justin Koehler on Vimeo.

ULZANA'S RAID - Screening & Discussion

Ulzana Raid 2SCREENING/Discussion

Ulzana's Raid (1972)

Starring Burt Lancaster, Bruce Davison
Hugh School Auditorium
FRIDAY October 6th
3:00 PM 

Admission by Festival Button Only

Followed by a discussion with Bruce Davison, moderated by Rob Word.


Sergeant RutlidgeSergeant Rutledge (1960)

Starring: Jeffrey Hunter, Woody Strode, Constance Towers

Directed by: John Ford

High School Auditorium
FRIDAY October 6th
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM Woody Strode

SYNOPSIS: Lieutenant Tom Cantrell is sent to defend Sergeant Braxton Rutledge, a black cavalry soldier, on a charge of rape and murder. Set in a courtroom and told in flashback through witnesses’ testimony, the shocking truth about the crimes gradually comes to light

Admission by Festival Button Only

Following the screening Bob Boze Bell, the Editor/Publisher of True West magazine, will discuss with John Langellier the film, the Buffalo Soldiers, and how Director John Ford dealt with racism.

Dr. Langellier has written scores of books and articles and served as a consultant for a number of motion pictures and television productions. Among the books he has written are such diverse subjects the military history Fighting for Uncle Sam: Buffalo Soldiers in the Frontier Army, and Hollywood history Custer: The Man, the Myth, and the Movies. One of his most recent projects is the forthcoming Hollywood Horse Soldiers: The U. S. Cavalry in Popular Culture.

TV WESTERNS: An American Love Affair


Time Cover March 1959TV WESTERNS: An American Love Affair

with Ed Hulse

Ed has been a journalist and film historian for over 30 years. His essays, reviews and news stories about the home-video and motion-picture industries have appeared in numerous mainstream publications as PREMIERE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY,  as well as the trade journals VARIETY, and VIDEO BUSINESS. Between 2000 and 2007 he was the lead critic and celebrity interviewer for the Film/Video section of Barnes&Noble.com. 

Hulse will take us back when TV Westerns reigned supreme in the Fifties and Sixties with about 120 of them in production, depending on how you define a Western. The peak year for television westerns was 1960, with 30 such shows airing during prime-time. Top rated shows included, Gunsmoke, Rifleman, Rawhide, Have Gun Will Travel and Bonanza to name a few.

The Western boom on television, beginning with the Hopalong Cassidy craze of the early 1950s and extending well into the following decade, profoundly affected America’s popular culture. It reached into other entertainment media — comic books, paperbacks, even record albums — and seeped into the public consciousness via a plethora of licensed consumer products, from blankets to pocketknives to lunch pails and many, many more. Impressionists added TV Western heroes to their repertoires, and catch-phrases from the most popular series entered the national lexicon. In TV Westerns: An American Love Affair Western-film historian Ed Hulse explores this phenomenon at length and enumerates its most influential manifestations.

FRIDAY October 6th
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM 

Admission by Festival Button Only

Additional Reading: http://www.museumofwesternfilmhistory.org/articles-with-out-menu-items/tv-westerns

Weapons and Equipage of the Western Armies in the Indian Wars


Indian Wasr PicWeapons and Equipage of the Western Armies in the Indian Wars


with Larry Floyd, Bob Boze Bell & John Langellier

The presentation will consist of a display with 
comments on ​rifles, carbines and handguns, along with various items of equipment the soldiers used in the Indian Wars of the later 19th century on our western frontier. After the presentation those attending will be invited to take a closer look and actually hold a weapon if they so desire. Question will be entertained at anytime during the presentation.


SATURDAY October 7th
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 

Admission by Festival Button Only

Additonal Reading:
Weapons of the Indian Wars -   https://truewestmagazine.com/weapons-of-the-indian-wars/

STUNT PANEL with Diamond Farnsworth


Loren JumpingPanel Discussion in the High School Quad led by Diamond Farnsworth. Panelist will include seasoned stunt experts Marguerite and Clifford Happy, Robert Jauregui and Pat Ommert  An exciting, informative and in-depth panel discussion on the day in the life of a stunt person and what it is like to work with famous actors and big studios.

High School QUAD
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM 

Admission by Festival Button Only

 Additonal Reading:

Museum Exhibit Document: Stuntman

The Image of the American Cowboy: John Wayne and John Ford

 The Image of the American Cowboy: John Wayne and John Ford

Panel Discussion in the High School Qaud led by moderator, Ben Mankiewicz  will include panelist Scott Eyman, Ed Hulse, Bob Boze Bell and Ed Faulkner.

High School QUADJohn Wayne FOrd 2

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM 

Admission by Festival Button Only

TCM Host Ben Mankiewicz will moderate a panel discussion on how actor John Wayne and Director John Ford influenced the image of the American Western hero. Among the panel members will be Scott Eyman, the author of biographies of both Wayne and Ford; Bob Boze Bell, the Editor/Publisher of True West magazine; Actor Ed Faulkner and Western Film Historian, Ed Hulse, author of Filming the West of Zane Grey.

John Wayne FOrd 3


nevada movie poster 1944 350wNevada (1944)

Starring: Robert Mitchum, Anne Jeffreys, Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams
Directed by: Edward Killy

High School Auditorium
FRIDAY October 6th
7:30 AM - 9:30 AM 

SYNOPSIS: Just as Nevada wins $7000 in yellowback bills, Ben Ide takes his $7000 in yellowbacks and heads out to buy mining equipment. Burridge has his man Powell kill Ide and retrieve the money and Nevada finds Ide just as the posse arrives. Found with the money Nevada is arrested and Burridge now gets Powell to incite the local citizens to Lynch, Nevada.Mitchum Nevada

Admission by Festival Button Only

Post Movie Panel Discussion – Robert Mitchum 100 Years! Film Historian Ed Hulse interviews Actor/Director William Wellman Jr., who knew Mitchum well. Learn more about the movies Bob made and his 54 year carreer in Hollywood. 

Note: When asked for a quote on Mitchum, Wellman Jr. said the best one he know came from hjs father’s mouth on the Merv Griffin Show in 1974.  When Merv asked William Wellman what he thought of Mitchum, the reply was, “Robert Mitchum is the most underrated actor of all movie stars.” Wellman Jr. further noted,Robert Mitchum received only one Academy Award nomination in his lifetime and that came from my father’s The Story of G. I Joe.(1945). 

Note: A preliminary NEVADA screening will be held on Friday Morning at 7:30 AM in the High School Auditorium prior to the Friday morning tour. Don Kelsen, your tour guide, highly recommends that the Saturday Tour participants schedule the early Friday screening to best be prepared for the Saturday tourSoldOut 50 x

Robert Mitchum arrived in California in 1936 first working as a ghostwriter for astrologer Carroll Righter. His sister Julie convinced him to join the local theater guild with her. In his years with the Players Guild of Long Beach, he made a living as a stagehand and occasional bit-player in company productions beginning his 54 year film career. Mitchum was in over 110 films and TV series over the course of his career and is ranked as #23 on the American Film Institute's list of the 50 greatest American screen legends of all time.

Nevada Introducing Mitchum

He appeared in several Hopalong Cassidy films including Colt Comrades, Bar 20, False Colors, and Riders of the Deadline. In 1944, he had his first starring role in the western film Nevada as Jim Lacy aka Nevada. Note: Billed on Nevada poster as “Bob Mitchum” this was also the first of his 31 westerns.

Hollywood's original existential rebel. He played alienated, restless men, specializing in intelligent losers, apathetic thugs and taciturn, two-fisted anti-heroes. With his half-closed eyes and suave sangfroid, in his most iconic screen roles Robert Mitchum embodied the somnambulant doom of outcasts and psychotics. He worked almost constantly during his 54-year film career making his mark in Westerns and war movies. 

Additional Documents:
Museum Handout - Robert Mitchum - June 2017



Once Upon A time in West 2

Museum Theater
David Matuszak
4:00 PM – 5:30 PM

Admission by Festival Button Only

David F. Matuszak, author of The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns, will host a “round table discussion” regarding the best feature-length Western movie opening scenes of all time. The opening scene sets the tone for a film. Many Westerns include an iconic opening sequence, like the “fly scene” in Once Upon a Time in the West and John Wayne’s bandit encounter in The Shootist. Watch some of the classic opening scenes and decide for yourself which are your favorites. Help select the festival’s official Top Ten list.

Matuszak will lead a discussion regarding the essential elements of America’s only true art form—Western filmmaking. Discuss how the Western bridges the gap between the myth of the West and the spirit of the West. Explore the contributions that Westerns have made to American culture. Compare your favorite Western movie opening scenes with Matuszak’s top ten list. Join in the discussion or sit back and enjoy the conversation of both working and armchair cowboys alike as they select the “Lone Pine Film Festival’s Top 10 Western Movie Opening Scenes.

Followed by book signing – David Matuszak.

Additonal Reading or Links:


GUNS AND GUITARS - "The Singing Cowboys of Lone Pine."


GUNS AND GUITARS -  "The Singing Cowboys of Lone Pine."

Singing Cowboys re Ross WarrenMuseum Theater
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM

Ross Schnioffsky & Warren Davey

Singing Cowboys came to the screen via radio and Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Tex Ritter were at the head of the line; but right behind them were other silver screen cowpoke crooners including Rex Allen, Smith Ballew and Dick Foran. Their presentation will focus on those that made films in Lone Pine and provide brief historical background with varied film clips. singing cowboys Exhibit Sign 72 dpi

Be prepared to “Sing-Along”

Admission by Festival Button Only

The Singing Cowboys by David Rothel

Singing Cowboys 2016 Front


                         COME SEE THE MUSEUM's EXHIBIT: 

Singing Cowboy Mural





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Thursday Night Opening Film
Floating Horses: The Life of Casey Tibbs
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Sergeant Rutledge

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The Cheyenne Social Club

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