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Monday, February 27, 2017


  • Sunrise Photo Tour

    Sunrise Photo Tour

    For over 25 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra Sunrise Tour. A photographer’s dream event, Read More
  • Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Burt & Donna Yost's  "Back Lot Tours are Back!  Friday, Saturday & Sunday. See information below as to specific day details ...  Friday & Sunday The Read More
  • Gunga Din Tour

    Gunga Din Tour

    The Gunga Din Tour is a Bus tour that highlights the filming of the movie in the summer and fall of 1938, Gunga Din remains to Read More
  • North South Tour

    North South Tour

    The North South Tour is considered one of the most scenic drives, you'll see LOTS of the Alabama Hills. The tour travels throughout the length Read More
  • Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Festival guest Billy King returns to join us for our 27th Film Festival to discuss and reminisce about his movie making experiences with William Boyd.  Read More
  • Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    “A Good Photograph is Knowing Where to Stand” Ansel Adams.Join Catherine Kravitz, Museum Staff and Docent, in the Ansel Adams; In the Footsteps of the Read More
  • Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Prospector Wayne Morris, accompanied by Virginia Grey, travels on horseback to San Bernardino to settle down and get married. In his journey through Death Valley Read More
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Riding the Rails! - Trains in Western Films with Jim Clark

High School Auditorium
Thursday evening @ 7:00 PM
Admittance by Special Event Ticket Only

Jim Clark Image 4A veteran of over 250 films, engineer and train coordinator Jim Clark known as "The Train Man", in Hollywood has a career that has brought him in association with some of the biggest train films and stars in Hollywood (“The Lone Ranger", "Wild, Wild, West", "Under Siege Two", "Fast and the Furious", "Water For Elephants" and "Into The West")

Since 1926’s “The Great K&A Train Robbery”, audiences have been thrilled by the visual and sound of great locomotives, action fight scenes on their cars travelling 70 mph and adventure of the rail brings excitement to the silver screen.

Join Jim this October at the 27th annual Lone Pine Film Festival as he discusses the technical challenges of building and bringing large scale sets to the silver screen. Jim presentation will include film clips of two dozen movies and end with a brief Q & A.

Take a look at this exciting behind-the-scenes video on the set of "The Lone Ranger":




They Called the Shots... Great Western Directors of the Silver Screen

Museum Theater
Friday @ 9:30 AM
Admittance by Festival Button Only

They Called The Shots

Francis M. Nevins has been a fan of B movies since the 60s and met quite a few of the men who directed the low-budget action films and serials that entertained us as kids at the Saturday morning matinee. In They Called the Shots, Nevins has compiled some fascinating bios of 37 of the greatest of the two-fisted directors. There is an exhaustive index to the hundreds of actors, producers, agents and directors, and their works.

Joining us at this years's Festival, Mike will highlight a number of the great Western Directors, many of whihc he had the chance to meet with. His intimate knowledge of their work and personal stories will keep you engaged.

Read more: They Called the Shots... Great Western Directors of the Silver Screen

Frances Dee: A Film History

Museum Theater
Friday @ 1:00 PM
Admittance by Film Festival Button Only

In 2013, Wyatt McCrea, Grandson of Joel,  worked with biographer, Tony Thomas to bring us Joel McCrea: A Film History; a biographical essay and comprehensive filmography on one of Hollywoods finest actors, Joel McCrea.

In May 2016, Wyatt working thorugh the family's, Joel and Francis McCrea Foundation, bring us Frances Dee: A Film History. During this year's Festival, join with Writer and Historian, Ed Hulse and Grandson, Wyatt to hear more about this talented and beautiful Hollywood actress. 

Francis Dee bookFrances Marion Dee defied the Hollywood odds, essentially becoming that almost mythical figure: the extra girl plucked from a chorus line or crowd scene arbitrarily and given the Big Break that catapults her to stardom. Frances was a day player at Paramount when someone in the studio’s casting department mistook her for a more accomplished actress and gave her a bit role in Ernst Lubitsch’s Monte Carlo. Shortly thereafter, a chance meeting with Maurice Chevalier in the Paramount commissary won her the female lead in his next picture, Playboy of Paris, after director Ludwig Berger had rejected her as too inexperienced for the part. Then, on the basis of her good work with Chevalier, she was signed to a long-term contract. It would be easy to attribute the ongoing interest in Frances to her ageless beauty, the quality summed up by that great Norma Desmond line in Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard : “We had faces then.” Few female stars or starlets were photographed as often or as gorgeously as Frances; you can gaze upon hundreds of her old publicity portraits and never see one in which she looks less than ravishing. But it isn’t just the perfect lines and features that impress, it’s the emotions she conveyed with her face. She didn’t need special lighting or makeup to suggest the proper mood—it came out through her expressions, especially through her eyes. Frances was equally effective as the impeccably bred lady-in-waiting of If I Were King and the masochistic nymphomaniac in Blood Money. The many Sweet Young Things she played early in her career blinded some in Hollywood to her true range, which was considerable. This book-length study of her films is a handy reference guide, dedicated to a star unjustly forgotten—or, at the very least—unfairly neglected and definitely underrated.  226 Pages  By Ed Hulse with forward By Wyatt McCrea

There were "Singing Cowboys" & Cowboys who Could Really Sing

Museum Theater
Sunday 11:30
dmittance by Film Festival Button Only.
Join author and historian, David Rothel, as he takes us back to his meetings with many of the Singing Cowboys as he prepared to write these two books, The Singing Cowboys (Originally published in 1979)  and Those Great Cowboy Sidekicks (orginally published in 1984). David's hours of notes and audio recordings of interviews provided the basis for the two books and included many humorous and serious anecdotes from his many encounters with many of the singing cowboys. His presentation will highlight on those that he had special rememberences including Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Eddie Dean, Rex Allen, Jimmy Wakely, and Monte Hale..  David will discuss his impressions regarding the "public" cowboys as compared with the "personal" attitudes/feelings/comments that were conveyed in private meetings--nothing salacious, but, none the less, fascinating history for singing cowboy film fans.A 15 minute Q & A will follow.
Eddie Dean David 1980s 72dpi  Gene Autry Rothel 72 dpi  Roy Rogers Rothel 72 dpi
  David with Eddie Dean                                  With Gene Autry            With Roy Rogers

The Museum's publishing division entered into an agreement with David a few years ago to re-publish a number of his books which have become classic references in Western history. As of this date that includes: Cowboy SidekicksWho Was That Masked Man? The Story of the Lone Ranger, Tim Holt,  The Museum will soon add (September 2016) a newly revised version of Rothel's "Singing Cowboys," originally published in 1979.  All books will be available in the Museum store during the Film Festival and may be signed by David who will be one of the Festivals featured presenters.

William Witney: In a Door, Into a Fight, Out a Door, Into a Chase: Moviemaking Remembered by the Guy at the Door

Witney, Nevins & Director, Spencer G. Bennet
Witney Nevins S Bennit REV Small

Saturday @5:00 PM
Museum Theater
Admittance by Festival Button Only


Jay Dee Witney, William Witney’s son, joins author and William Witney aficionado, Mike Nevins, to talk about one of Hollywood’s most prolific and respected film directors.  Another long time Witney family friend, TV director, Jim Drake, will also be there. A biographical presentation with personal insights and stories that can only be told by those who knew him best.

Quentin Tarantino on William Witney


Western Historian - David Rothel on "Westerns"

Museum Theater
Friday 11:30
dmittance by Film Festival Button Only.
Join author and historian, David Rothel, and Ed Hulse, western historian in a discussion on the 

Author David Rothel's has had a lifelong interest with show business. From the 1970s through 2003, David interviewed dozens of show business personalities for his radio program Nostalgia Newsbreak in Florida, and for "Guest Star" panels at film festivals throughout the country, where he moderated celerity panels.

Through these festivals and other related business ventures, David had the opportunity to personally meet and interview Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, William Witney and many other leading and supporting players, mostly from the western film genre. It was a natural evolution for David to then author books on many of the leading stars and western subjects.

David's book on western film locations, An Ambush of Ghosts: a Personal Guide to Favorite Western Film Locations was twice featured on Leonard Maltin segments on Entertainment Tonight.

His book The Singing Cowboys led to an appearance on NPR's All Things Considered.

David will be interviewed by western historian, Ed Hulse, on his career, the books he has written and will share some “behind the scenes” stories of his experiences with celebrities. 
A 15 minute Q & A will follow.

Eddie Dean David 1980s 72dpi  Gene Autry Rothel 72 dpi  Roy Rogers Rothel 72 dpi
  David with Eddie Dean                                  With Gene Autry            With Roy Rogers

The Museum's publishing division entered into an agreement with David a few years ago to re-publish a number of his books which have become classic references in Western history. As of this date that includes: Cowboy SidekicksWho Was That Masked Man? The Story of the Lone Ranger, Tim Holt,  The Museum will soon add (September 2016) a newly revised version of Rothel's "Singing Cowboys," originally published in 1979.  All books will be available in the Museum store during the Film Festival and may be signed by David who will be one of the Festivals featured presenters.

The Battle of the Little Big Horn Fact and Film

Museum Theater
Saturday @ 8:00 AM
Admittance by Festival Button Only

Join True West Editor, Bob Boze Bell and Collector,  Larry Floyd  for a historical review of "The Battle of the Little Big Horn Fact and Film". Guests will learn about actual facts concerning General Custer and the battle along with the many films pertaining to it, with the first film done in 1910. Also available for viewing close up will be weapons and equipment of the type used by the troops in the fight rom Larry's collection. Other items include canteen, bayonet, hunting knife and entrenching tool as issued.

 A sample of revolvers and long guns that will be discussed and shown from Larry's collection.
Guns Springfield Trapdoor Carbine Colt SAA 7.5 in. 72dpi
Springfield Trapdoor and Colt SAA weapons of Custer's Troopers
Guns Sharp Longrange Rifle Sharps Carbine 72dpi
Sharp Longrange Rifle & Sharps Carbine

Guns Henry Rifle Spencer Carbine 72dpi
Henry Rifle & Spencer Carbine


Pulp Page To The Silver Screen

Presentation by Jounalist and Western Historian, Ed Hulse

Museum Theater
Friday @ 3:30
Admittance by Festival Button Only

hoppy pulpBridging the gap between the dime novels of the 1890s and the mass-market paperbacks of the 1950s were "pulp" magazines, so named for the rough, cheap woodpulp paper on which they were printed. Beginning in 1896 with Frank Munsey's The Argosy, pulps offered escapist fiction of all kinds to avid readers for nearly half a century. Often boasting lurid covers to attract the eyes of newsstand browsers, the pulps introduced characters who became icons of American pop culture: Tarzan, Zorro, Sam Spade, The Shadow, Buck Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy, and Conan the Barbarian are just a few. Such perennial best-selling writers as Max Brand, Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard, Louis L'Amour, Erle Stanley Gardner, and Edgar Rice Burroughs sold their first stories to pulps and remained with the rough-paper magazines for years. Pulp yarns were distinguished by their clear-cut narratives, uncomplicated characters, and vigorous action.

Naturally, Hollywood was quick to exploit this source of story material and began making movies from pulp fiction in the nickelodeon era. This presentation will focus on the connection between Western pulps and Western movies, with illustrative material in the form of magazine covers and movie stills. Virtually every major cowboy star—John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Tom Mix, Buck Jones, Ken Maynard, Tim McCoy, Tim Holt, Johnny Mack Brown, and many others—made films adapted from pulp-fiction shoot-'em-ups. Presenter Ed Hulse, author of Filming the West of Zane Grey and The Blood 'n' Thunder Guide to Pulp Fiction, will make the points of comparison and offer unique insights into this colorful phase 

Ed Hulse 
has been a journalist and film historian for over 30 years and as well, a long time friend and supporter of Lone Pine, the Museum and the Film Festival. He has written for PREMIERE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE NEW YORKER, and the NEW YORK TIMES, as well as the many other trade journals. read more about Ed Here.........

Top Ten Western Movie Fistfights with David Matuszak

Museum theater
Saturday @1:00

Admittance by Film Festival Button Only

TrailGuideCover“Top 10 List” selection returns to the festival for its twelfth year. David Matuszak, author of The Cowboy’s Trail Guide to Westerns, returns to the festival to moderate an audience discussion about a new subject related to Western filmmaking. Each year Western movie fans gather to discuss and select a list of their top 10 favorites in various Western categories.

Read more: Top Ten Western Movie Fistfights with David Matuszak

Hollywood's Kids!

Museum Theater
Saturday 11:30 AM
Admittance by Film Festival Button Only
            Book signing in Museum lobby to follow presentation

A very special panel discussion/Q&A presentation with “The Kids” of some of our favorite Hollywood stars.  This is your chance to find out what it was like to grow up in a movie star family.  Find out a little about their lives on location and in the studios while making some of our Lone Pine movies and television shows.

Petrine Day Mitchum will talk about her dad Robert Mitchum and how her book Hollywood HoofBeats came into being.

Melinda Carey will give you some history of her dad, Harry Carey Jr. and his book, Company of Heroes, My Life as an Actor in the John Ford Stock Company.

Cheryl Rogers Barnett, daughter of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans will be on hand to share stories and insights into her book Cowboy Princess Rides Again.

Wyatt McCrea 
will reminisce on his grandfather,Joel McCrea, Grandmother, Francis Dee and the two new books recently released on both.

Panel moderator/ cowboy poet Larry Maurice,will share some stories and poems from his new book Rhyme Riders Trail Many of which came from being a “Fly on the Wall” for 28 years of the Lone Pine Film Festival.

At The Movies - with William Wellman & John Ford

Hugh School Auditorium
4:00 PM - The Ox Bow Incident

7:30 - 3 Godfathers followed by panel
Admission by Festival Button Only


Our Saturday night "At the Movies" program actually begins with a 4:00 PM screening of the 1943 William Wellman classic, The Ox Bow Incident. Then, After a dinner break, at 7:30 we will screen the John Ford 1948 classic, 3 Godfathers.

Following the screenings our guest host Ben Mankiewicz will conduct an interview with biographers of the directors,William Wellman, Jr., and Dan Ford, the grandson of John Ford

Bill Wellman will also be signing books at the Museum theater. See schedule @ http://www.lonepinefilmfestival.org/book-signings-in-museum

For a glimse of Dan Ford, see a clip from Rob Words - A Word on Westerns

Screening John Ford Classic - 3 Bad Men with Piano Accompaniment & Panel

High School Auditorium
Friday @ 7:30

Admitance by Festival Button Only


3 Bad MenSpecial Screening of  "3 Badmen",  John Ford's 1926 silent classic starring George O'Brien with piano accompaniment by J.C. Munns.

After the screening author/historiam Ed Hulse will lead a discussion with guests Ben Mankiewicz, Dan Ford, and William Wellman Jr. about growing up and finding their place as members of Hollywood families with more than celebrity status, but legendary.  

Screening - Cattle Annie and Little Britches Interview w Director Rupert Hitzig

High School Auditorium
Friday @ 3:00 pm

Admitance by Festival Button Only

Cattle Annie

Based on a true to life character, Cattle Annie was a young American outlaw in the American Old West, most associated with Jennie Stevens, or Little Britches. Their exploits are fictionalized in the 1981, Cattle Annie and Little Britches, produced by Rupert Hitzig, directed by Lamont Johnson has an all-star cast including Scott Glenn, Burt Lancaster, Rod Steiger, and Buck Taylor Amanda Plummer in her film debut as Cattle Annie, with Diane Lane as Little Britches.

Cattle Annie and Little Britches were crack shots with both pistol and rifle, but today they are mostly unknown outside of the film. Yet they were once among the most recognized names among outlaws in the Oklahoma and Indian territories, where they carried out their short-lived criminal ventures.

The film screens at 3:00 in the High School Auditorium. Immediatly following, please join moderator, Rob Word and Producer, Rupert Hitzig to discuss the making of the film,


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