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Monday, February 27, 2017


  • Sunrise Photo Tour

    Sunrise Photo Tour

    For over 25 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra Sunrise Tour. A photographer’s dream event, Read More
  • Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Burt & Donna Yost's  "Back Lot Tours are Back!  Friday, Saturday & Sunday. See information below as to specific day details ...  Friday & Sunday The Read More
  • Gunga Din Tour

    Gunga Din Tour

    The Gunga Din Tour is a Bus tour that highlights the filming of the movie in the summer and fall of 1938, Gunga Din remains to Read More
  • North South Tour

    North South Tour

    The North South Tour is considered one of the most scenic drives, you'll see LOTS of the Alabama Hills. The tour travels throughout the length Read More
  • Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Festival guest Billy King returns to join us for our 27th Film Festival to discuss and reminisce about his movie making experiences with William Boyd.  Read More
  • Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    “A Good Photograph is Knowing Where to Stand” Ansel Adams.Join Catherine Kravitz, Museum Staff and Docent, in the Ansel Adams; In the Footsteps of the Read More
  • Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Prospector Wayne Morris, accompanied by Virginia Grey, travels on horseback to San Bernardino to settle down and get married. In his journey through Death Valley Read More
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Hathaway Henry

Great Western Directors: The Henry Hathaway Tour

He was much more than just a studio workhorse. Henry Hathaway (1898 - 1985) had a great life in motion picture production. Starting as a child actor in the early teens of the twentieth century and working through the ranks to become one of Hollywood’s top and most reliable A-feature directors with an impressive directing career spanning more than 40 years and 67 films across many genres. Some of his best films were filmed in Lone Pine.

Hathaway was a master filmmaker with a great capacity to portray intimate character studies alongside big outdoor action. His films hold up well today and are noted for their suspense and intense violence. Ross and Warren will lead you through the rocks and canyons to locations where Hathaway filmed such classics as The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (Gary Cooper, 1935), Rawhide (Tyrone Power, 1951), From Hell to Texas (Don Murray, 1958) and How the West was Won (Debbie Reynolds, 1962) as well as others. He made at least eight films in the Lone Pine area.

This will be newbie type of a tour aimed more to honor Henry Hathaway than to unearth obscure locations and the tour will include some ghostly voices from Hollywood’s past. Join Warren and Ross to rediscover one of Hollywood’s great but often overlooked directors.

Tour Leaders: Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey


Sunday 9:00 (Screening 7:30 AM - see below)
Ebmeyer_Bus_sm_72dpiGreat Western Directors: The Henry Hathaway Tour is a BUS Tour with tour guides, Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey. A screening of the movie will be held Sunday Morning, October 9 @ The High School Auditorium @ 7:30 AM. The bus will then leave at 9:00 AM from the Main Street side of the auditorium and will return to Museum S. Parking lot.  Approximate time for tour 2.5 hours.

Tour itself is 2.5 hours. Please note - Some walking on uneven ground – suggest wearing appropriate shoes. Bus accommodates 54 passengers.  

Screening_Blank_High_School_AuditoriumNote: Rawhide, directed by Henry Hathaway will screen@ 7:30 AM Sunday  at the High School Auditorium.


 Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey

The call of the Alabama Hills has lured Warren and Ross back to Lone Pine. Both have been rootin'-tootin', but very little shootin' lounge chair cowboys since Walt Disney dusted off Davy Crockett's old coonskin cap. Ross and Warren live just west of Lone Pine in the little  frontier town of Melbourne, Australia. TV westerns arrived in Australia in 1956 and they have loved them ever since. Despite spending most of their working life in all forms of education from elementary schools to universities Warren and Ross have held on to their sanity, barely! Ross, who loves making little docos on cinema history, is a faculty librarian at La Trobe University, Melbourne and Warren, who loves reading about all things western, is an elementary school librarian and both happily maintain disorganized lives.


Links: http://www.theyshootpictures.com/hathawayhenry.htm





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John Ford's
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John Ford's
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