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Monday, February 27, 2017


  • Sunrise Photo Tour

    Sunrise Photo Tour

    For over 25 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra Sunrise Tour. A photographer’s dream event, Read More
  • Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Lone Pine Back Lot Tour

    Burt & Donna Yost's  "Back Lot Tours are Back!  Friday, Saturday & Sunday. See information below as to specific day details ...  Friday & Sunday The Read More
  • Gunga Din Tour

    Gunga Din Tour

    The Gunga Din Tour is a Bus tour that highlights the filming of the movie in the summer and fall of 1938, Gunga Din remains to Read More
  • North South Tour

    North South Tour

    The North South Tour is considered one of the most scenic drives, you'll see LOTS of the Alabama Hills. The tour travels throughout the length Read More
  • Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Billy King Remembers Hopalong Cassidy

    Festival guest Billy King returns to join us for our 27th Film Festival to discuss and reminisce about his movie making experiences with William Boyd.  Read More
  • Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Tour

    “A Good Photograph is Knowing Where to Stand” Ansel Adams.Join Catherine Kravitz, Museum Staff and Docent, in the Ansel Adams; In the Footsteps of the Read More
  • Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Desert Pursuit - Movie Location Tour

    Prospector Wayne Morris, accompanied by Virginia Grey, travels on horseback to San Bernardino to settle down and get married. In his journey through Death Valley Read More
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Celebrity Guests

​​Ben Mankiewicz

Ben Mankiewitz 2Ben Mankiewicz is a host of Turner Classic Movies. When he made his TCM debut in September 2003, he became only the second host hired in the network's history. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., Mankiewicz graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He began his television career as a producer at WJLA, the ABC affiliate in Washington, D.C., before starting his on-air work as a news reporter and anchor at WCSC, the CBS affiliate in Charleston, SC. He moved south to Miami in 1998 to become a reporter for Barry Diller's innovative start-up station, WAMI-TV, and in 1999 and 2000 he was named Best TV News Anchor in South Florida by the weekly newspaper New Times. 

Mankiewicz is from a film family himself. His grandfather was screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz (“Citizen Kane”) and great uncle Joseph L. Mankiewicz was a producer and director of “All About Eve”) and the type of films you would see on TCM. His father, Frank Mankiewicz, was longtime president of National Public Radio. 

Ben joins us this year to celebrate "Western Directors" bringing his vast film experience and love of movies to our panels and screenings. 

Jim Clark - Hollywood's "Go To Guy" for Trains

Jim Clark True West Magazine issue 72 dpiA veteran of over 250 films, engineer and train coordinator, Jim Clark, known as "The Train Man", will give a short history of trains in Western movies and explain the technical challenges of working with trains. His association with some of the biggest train films and stars in Hollywood ("The Lone Ranger", "Wild, Wild, West", "Under Siege Two", "Fast and the Furious", "Water For Elephants" and "Into The West") coupled with Q&A, plus film clips of two dozen action sequences, will leave you breathless!

"The producers of the movie Wild, Wild West were looking for some trains. Not just any trains.  One had to look like a post-Civil War locomotive hauling a special car for special agents Jim West and Artemus Gordon (hoo-rah!). The other engine—manipulated by the evil genius Dr. Arliss Loveless (hssssss!)—needed to somewhat resemble a huge combat tank. But producers are Hollywood types, and they generally don’t know anything about railroad equipment. So the movie makers called in the “Train Man.” Enter Jim Clark.

He told them how to bring rough drawings to life. He found the locomotives and the train cars. Clark showed them how to run the equipment (he did most of the work himself). He helped design the train stunts. And he oversaw all the railroad aspects of the flick.

Okay, so the film derailed.  At least the trains were great.  Thanks to the Train Man.

Read more: Jim Clark - Hollywood's "Go To Guy" for Trains

Bob Boze Bell

Bob Boze Bell ImageIn 1999, Bob Boze Bell bought True West magazine (published since 1953) and moved the editorial offices to Cave Creek, Arizona. Bob has published and illustrated groundbreaking books on Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid and Doc Holliday and his series on Western gunfights is titled Classic Gunfights. Bob's subjects include but are not limited to commercial illustration, Cowboys, Figure/Figurative, Western Cowboys, Indians, and horses and mediums include gouache, scratchboard, oil and watercolor.

Read more: Bob Boze Bell

Francis "Mike" Nevins

Mike Nevins Picture 72dpiFrancis M. Nevins is a professor emeritus at St. Louis University School of Law, where he taught from 1971 until his retirement. In 1979, Nevins was one of the first law professors to create a seminar on Law, Lawyers and Justice in Popular Fiction and Film, a subject now widely covered,  and has written a large number of essays on that subject. He has also written on mainstream legal subjects like decedents= estates and copyright law, and is generally recognized as one of the leading authorities on the legal issues that arise when those two areas collide.

He is also the author of six mystery novels: Publish and Perish (1975), Corrupt and Ensnare (1978), The 120-Hour Clock (1986), The Ninety Million Dollar Mouse (1987), Into the Same River Twice (1996) and Beneficiaries= Requiem (2000). He has written about forty short stories which have appeared in Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock and other national magazines and many of which have been reprinted in leading mystery anthologies. A large assortment of his shorter fiction has been collected in Night Forms (2010). He has edited more than 15 mystery anthologies and collections and has written several nonfiction books on the genre. Two of these nonfiction titles have won him Edgar awards from Mystery Writers of America. He has written articles, book reviews and similar short pieces on mystery fiction for newspapers, magazines and reference works. Cornucopia of Crime, a large collection of his nonfiction, was published in 2010. Among his recent books are Ellery Queen: The Art of Detection (2013) and the Edgar-nominated Judges & Justice & Lawyers & Law (2014).

Read more: Francis "Mike" Nevins

Wyatt McCrea

Wyatt_McCrea_72dpiWyatt McCrea is the oldest grandchild of the late actor Joel McCrea and his actress wife Frances Dee.  Wyatt is the co-owner of Third Point Productions, which produces primarily television content, commercials and music videos.  He serves as Executive Producer for several television projects currently under development or in pre-production.  Most recently Wyatt was featured as deputy Walt Tyler in the western feature “Canyon Trail”, he has been featured in both print and internet advertising for Uberti/Benelli USA, has appeared on the cable series “Call 911” and on the History channels series “Big History”, as well as various local commercials.  

Read more: Wyatt McCrea

David Rothel

About the Author

RothelAuthor David Rothel's lifelong fascination with show business began with frequent visits to the three movie theatres in Elyria, Ohio, where he was intrigued and inspired by what he saw on the silver screen. He has since gone from youthful observer to published authority on various aspects of popular entertainment, all of which is reflected in his thirteen books on show business history.

In addition to being an educator and theatre producer/director through the years, from the 1970s through 2003, David interviewed dozens of show business personalities for his radio program Nostalgia Newsbreak in Florida, and for "Guest Star" panels at film festivals where he was the moderator. David's fascination with the western film genre caused him to research and write books on many of the leading stars of those films. He had the opportunity to personally interview Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and other leading and supporting players for his books. David's book on western film locations, An Ambush of Ghosts: a Personal Guide to Favorite Western Film Locations was twice featured on Leonard Maltin segments on Entertainment Tonight.

His book The Singing Cowboys led to an appearance on NPR's All Things Considered. The BBC's Omnibus television series featured David's book The Great Show Business Animals on one of its programs. In 2012 David Rothel received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Williamsburg Film Festival for "His Dedication and Outstanding Contributions in Honoring the Golden Age of Hollywood." David and his wife Nancy live in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Dahlonega, Georgia.

David will have two presentations:

Museum Theater
Friday @ 11:30 AM
Admittance by Film Festival Button Only

Western Historian - David Rothel on "Westerns"

David will be interviewed by western historian, Ed Hulse, on his career, the books he has written and will share some “behind the scenes” stories of his experiences with celebrities. A 15 minute Q & A will follow.

Museum Theater
Suday @ 11:30 AM
Admittance by Film Festival Button Only

There were "Singing Cowboys" & Cowboys who could Really Sing

Join author and historian, David Rothel, as he takes us back to his meetings with many of the Singing Cowboys as he prepared to write these two books, The Singing Cowboys (Originally published in 1979)  and Those Great Cowboy Sidekicks (originally published in 1984). David's hours of notes and audio recordings of interviews provided the basis for the two books and included many humorous and serious anecdotes from his many encounters with many of the singing cowboys. His presentation will highlight on those that he had special remembrances including Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Eddie Dean, Rex Allen, Jimmy Wakely, and Monte Hale..  David will discuss his impressions regarding the "public" cowboys as compared with the "personal" attitudes/feelings/comments that were conveyed in private meetings--nothing salacious, but, none the less, fascinating history for singing cowboy film fans. A 15 minute Q & A will follow.

The Museum's publishing division entered into an agreement with David a few years ago to re-publish a number of his books which have become classic references in Western history. As of this date that includes: Cowboy Sidekicks Who Was That Masked Man? The Story of the Lone Ranger, Tim Holt, . The Museum will soon add (September 2016) a newly revised version of Rothel's "Singing Cowboys," originally published in 1979.  All books will be available in the Museum store during the Film Festival and may be signed by David who will be one of the Festivals featured presenters.


Diamond Farnsworth

diamondfarsworthDiamond Farnsworth is an accomplished stuntman, serving as stunt coordinator on the show NCIS, and before that working on JAG and Quantum Leap. Diamond is the son of Academy Award winning actor/stuntman Richard Farnsworth, who was also a one-time guest of the Festival. Diamond began his stunt career in 1968 and has been serving as a stunt coordinator since 1980. He began with Paint Your Wagon and served as a stunt double for Sylvester Stallone in First Blood, Rambo and Rhinestone. He has also doubled Kevin Costner, Dennis Quaid and Jeff Bridges. 

Jay C. Munns


Jay Munns 150 x 72 dpi

Jay C. Munns has been entertaining audiences for nearly five decades, specializing in vintage American music from saloon piano to the great song hits of the 'twenties, 'thirties and 'forties. He has performed for two U.S. presidents and entertained countless celebrities including Bob Hope, Cary Grant, and Jimmy Stewart, to name a few.

Read more: Jay C. Munns

Jay Dee Witney

Jay Dee Witney 72dpi

His father was director, William Witney; his mother was actress, Maxine Doyle.  Director John (Jack) English, his father’s best friend and partner on all of those Republic serials, was his godfather and actress 

Virginia Carroll was his godmother.  Her husband was actor, Ralph Byrd – TV’s original Dick Tracy – but to young Jay Dee he was simply “Uncle Ralph.”

The picture business in the 40s – 60s was like family – real family – so Jay Dee had many “uncles” growing up including Davy (Sharp), Roy (Rogers), Jim (Davis), Rex (Allen) and many others.  All the kids knew each other, played together and some went to the same schools.  It was a great time to grow up.

It was only natural that Jay Dee would step into Hollywood.  He worked on many TV shows and feature films, including Bonanza, Laredo, Mission Impossible and The Steagle.   Now, after a 40 year hiatus from the motion picture business, he is returning to his roots and keeping his father’s legacy alive.  He has created a website www.williamwitney.com and has published some of his Dad’s scripts and screenplays.  He is currently working on behind-the-scenes videos and voice overs with producer, William Winckler (son of  child actor, Bobby Winckler, who also worked with William Witney).

William Witney: In a Door, Into a Fight, Out a Door, Into a Chase: Moviemaking Remembered by the Guy at the Door
Jay Dee, an old friend of Lone Pine, joins us this year, along with author and William Witney aficionado, Mike Nevins, to talk about his Dad’s career as one of Hollywood’s most prolific Directors.  TV director and family friend, Jim Drake (IMDB), will also be adding his own anecdotes and stories to the mix.


Museum Theater 
Saturday @ 5:00 PM

Learn more about Jay Dee & William Witney @ http://williamwitney.com

Larry Maurice

larry_doorwayLarry Maurice is Lone Pine’s favorite Cowboy Poet and Master of Ceremonies. He has spent the last twenty years as a cowboy, horse wrangler and packer in the Eastern Sierra and the high deserts of Nevada. Over the last few years, Larry has had to juggle his need to be on horseback with his busy entertainment schedule.  A sought after entertainer, not only for his cowboy poetry that speaks from the heart of the day-to-day cowboy, but also for his ability to breathe life into the history of the American West. From the Thursday Night Museum Gala, to the closing campfire in the park on Sunday, Larry will keep things moving along.

See http://larrymaurice.com/

Poets Writers

Larry's participation in our Festival is underwritten by the  Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant it has received from The James Irvine Foundation."

Ed Hulse


Ed Hulse has been a journalist and film historian for over 30 years. His essays, reviews and news stories about the home-video and motion-picture industries have appeared in such mainstream publications as PREMIERE, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, THE NEW YORKER, and the NEW YORK TIMES, as well as the trade journals VARIETY, MILLIMETER, VIDEO BUSINESS, and THIS WEEK IN CONSUMER ELECTRONICS. During the late 1980s his work was syndicated by the Washington Post Writers Group. For four years he edited a monthly magazine, VIDEO REVIEW'S PREVIEWS. He co-edited (with Packy Smith) the revised and expanded 1994 version of DON MILLER'S HOLLYWOOD CORRAL and was contributing editor to LEONARD MALTIN'S MOVIE ENCYCLOPEDIA. Between 2000 and 2007 he was the lead critic and celebrity interviewer for the Film/Video section of Barnes&Noble.com. Hulse is the author of THE FILMS OF BETTY GRABLE, FILMING THE WEST OF ZANE GREY, THE BLOOD 'N' THUNDER GUIDE TO COLLECTING PULPS, and DISTRESSED DAMSELS AND MASKED MARAUDERS. For nearly four years he hosted MOVIE MANIA, the nation's first public-access cable TV show devoted exclusively to movies. For many years he has participated in the Lone Pine Film Festival and edited its annual journal, LONE PINE IN THE MOVIES. 

Ed will be partipating in a number of panels and presentations. In the Museum, he will join Wyatt McCrea for a discussion on their new book, Francis Dee: A Film History.

Museum Theater
Friday @ 1:00 PM 
Admittance by Film Festival Button Onl

Join Ed in the Museum Theater on Friday @ 3:30 for "Pulp Page to the Silver Screen" as he chronicles  the history of dime novels of the 1890s and their destiny with Hollywood. Admittance by Festival Button Only.

See Ed's Web Pages

Billy King


We are happy to welcome back one of our favorite guests, Billy King, to this years Lone Pine Film Festival. He worked in four Hopalong Cassidy Westerns - Hopalong Rides Again (1937), Texas Trail (1937), Heart of Arizona (1938), and Pride of the West (1938), three of which were shot amidst the spectacular rock-studded terrain of >the Alabama Hills. Grace Bradley liked the casting of King because “it gave young moviegoers a way to personally identify with Hoppy.” 


We look forward to the recollections of Billy King as a 12 year-old boy working (as Artie, Buck Peters’ adolescent nephew) opposite William Boyd as Hoppy and George Hayes as Windy. Do not miss the opportunity to meet Mr. King !

Billy will be partnerin' up with tour guide, Don Kelsen as they trail on out to the locations of  Hoppy movies.


Friday : 3:30 PM 

Biily King Remembers is a BUS Tour with tour guide, Don Kelsen. The bus will leave at 3:30 PM on Friday from the South Museum parking lot. Tour itself is 2.5 hours. Please note - Some walking on uneven ground – suggest wearing appropriate shoes. Bus accomodates 54 passengers.      

Note: Don will be presenting an overview of the Hopalong legacy, prior to the tour, in the Museum theater @ 2:30 PM Friday. Admission is by Festival Button or tour pass only.

Screening Blank High School AuditoriumA screening of Hoppy film....TBD , which features a youg Billy King will be at  TBD  PM in the High School Auditorium

William Wellman Jr.

Wellman JrWilliam Wellman, Jr., son of Hollywood's legendary director, "Wild Bill" Wellman, spent most of his childhood around filmdom's celebrities. His neighborhood was filled with them. Gary Cooper, Tyrone Power, Henry Fonda, Carole Lombard, Frank Capra, Lana Turner, John Payne, Jennifer Jones, Red Skelton, Peter Lawford, William "Hopalong Cassidy" Boyd to name just a few. If they weren't coming to his family home, he met them at theirs, or on the sets and locations of 23 of his father's films. His first girlfriend was Jane Fonda. Bill joins Dan Ford (Grandson of John Ford), Rob Word and Ben Mankiewicz on Saturday Evening at the Lone Pine High School Auditorium to screen Ford's 1948 classic "3 GODFATHERS." A panel and Q &A will follow.

Read more: William Wellman Jr.

Larry Floyd

me 3

Larry Floyd was born in South Norfolk, Va. in April 1942. Currently a resident of the Great Bridge area of Chesapeake, Va.​ Larry is retired after 33 years with the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation as Deputy Asst. Director. Larry is President/Director of the Williamsburg Film Festival Williamsburg Va,  a member of the Company of Military Historians, a 50 veteran of the North-South Skirmish Asso. and a member of the Board of Advisers Great Bridge Battlefield Foundation. Larry has collected antique firearms for over 50 years, concentrating on the period 1800 to 1900.

Floyd is a long time supporter of the Lone Pine Film Festival and married to the lovely, Nell, who accompanies him every year to help us celebrate.

Larry will be partnering with Bob Boze Bell, Editor of True West magazine,  in the Museum theater to discuss "The Battle of the Little Big Horn Fact and FilmGuests will learn about actual facts concerning General Custer, the battle and the many films that have been produced about the historical event, the first film done in 1910. Also available for viewing close up will be weapons and equipment of the type used by the troops and Indians in the fight from Larry's collection. Other items include canteen, bayonet, hunting knife and entrenching tool as issued.  

Museum Theater
Saturday @ 8:00 AM
Admittance by Festival Button Only

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett

CherylCheryl Rogers Barnett is the adopted daughter of Roy Rogers and his first wife, Arline, who died of complications following childbirth when Cheryl was six years old. While on a personal appearance tour in Texas, Roy stopped off in Dallas and visited the babies at Hope Cottage. As Roy told it, all the babies in the nursery would cry whenever he leaned over their cribs and tickled them under the chin. All, that is, except Cheryl, who grasped his finger, smiled and cooed. He said it was love at first sight and he couldn't wait to take her home to Arline. A year following Arline's death, Roy married his co-star Dale Evans on New Year's Eve of 1947 and, as they say, the rest is history.

Cheryl's acting career was extremely brief, as a child she was introduced in the film feature "Meet Roy Rogers." Had a line in "Trail of Robin Hood" and in the "Outlaws of Paradise Valley" episode of the Roy Rogers TV Show.

Read more: Cheryl Rogers-Barnett

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