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Friday, June 22, 2018


Reading BookWe have a number of authors with us for the Festival. Many of them will be participating in presentations and the presentation day & times are noted. Book signings will follow presentations in the Musuem lobby. Times indicated with **and in color are book signings only and at time noted. 


      Author                Title                                                                                    Cover       Presentation                                          
Bob Boze Bell  True West Moments:
Where Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction
True West Moments Book Saturday @ 8:00 AM
Ed Hulse Blood ’N’ Tunder Guide To Pulp Fiction Blood and Thunder Friday @ 3:30 PM
David Matuszak The Cowboy's Trail Guide to Westerns  Trail Guide to Westerns Saturday @ 1:00 PM
Wyatt McCrea Frances Dee: A Film History Francis Dee book

Friday @ 1:30 PM
Saturday @ 11:30 AM

Mike Nevins They Called the Shots:
Action Directors from Late Silents to the Late Sixties
They Called The Shots Friday @ 9:30 AM
Cheryl Rogers Cowboy Princess Rides Again Cowboy Princess Rides Again

**Saturday @ 10:30  AM
Saturday @ 11:30 AM

David Rothel Singing Cowboys Singing Cowboys Friday @ 11:30 AM
Sunday @11:30 AM
Bob White

The Tom Mix Cord:
Saga of a Western Film Star's Classic Motorcar

Tom Mix Cord by Bob White

** Friday @ 9:30 AM
**Saturday @ 11:30 AM

Jay Dee Witney

In a Door, Into a Fight, Out a Door,
Into a Chase:
Moviemaking Remembered by the Guy at the Door

In a Door Into a Fight Saturday @ 5:00 AM
Larry Maurice Rhyme Rider Trail; Cowboy Poetry from the Eastern Sierra Maurice BOOK COVER FRONT 72 dpi

Saturday @ 11:30 AM
**Saturday @ 3:30 PM

Petrine Day Mitchum

Hollywood Hoofbeats:
The Fascinating Story of Horses in Movies and Television

Hollywood Hoofbeats

**Friday @  4:00 PM
Saturday @ 11:30 AM

Melinda Carey Company of Heroes,
My Life as an Actor in the John Ford Stock Company by Harry Carey Jr.
Company of Heroes **Friday @  4:00 PM
Saturday @ 11:30 AM

Dan Ford Pappy: The Life of John Ford Pappy TBD
William Wellman Jr.

Wild Bill Wellman: Hollywood Rebel

Wild Bill Wellman book Friday: After 7:30
Screening & Panel

Saturday: After 7:30
Screening & Panel

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Celebrity Guests

Diamond Farnsworth
Vanda Krefft
Ben Mankiewicz
Wyatt McCrea
Conrad Palmisano


Master of Ceremonies

Larry Maurice

Guest & Panelists
William Chemerka
Larry Floyd
Allen Glazner
Scott Harris
Don Kelsen
Dennis Liff

Panel Moderator
Ed Hulse

Thursday Night Opening Film
Starring Perry King

Friday Night Keynote Film

Saturday Night Keynote Film

Special Guests
Claude Gagnon and members of the 
Will James Society

Thursday 12:30 PM
Restored Slim Princess 
in Independence