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Monday, June 26, 2017


  • Sunrise Photo Tour

    Sunrise Photo Tour

    For over 25 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra Sunrise Tour. A photographer’s dream event, Read More
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The total distance from Melbourne, Australia to Los Angeles, CA is 7,931 miles. This is equivalent to 12,764 kilometers. But, this distance will not keep our two favorite Aussies from Lone Pine. Ross Schnioffsky and Warren Davey who over the years seem to have layed claim to the Alabamas and have garnered a very big following for festival tours, will be in Lone Pine for this years Festival.

Ross Schnofski

Many of you will recognize Ross,
looking for a picture of Warren.
is that him on the left?

The call of the Alabama Hills has lured Warren and Ross back to Lone Pine. Both have been rootin'-tootin', but very little shootin' lounge chair cowboys since Walt Disney dusted off Davy Crockett's old coonskin cap. Ross and Warren live just west of Lone Pine in the little  frontier town of Melbourne, Australia. TV westerns arrived in Australia in 1956 and they have loved them ever since. Despite spending most of their working life in all forms of education from elementary schools to universities Warren and Ross have held on to their sanity, barely! Ross, who loves making little docos on cinema history, is a faculty librarian at La Trobe University, Melbourne and Warren, who loves reading about all things western, is an elementary school librarian and both happily maintain disorganized lives.

Ross and Warren will be leading two tours. 

Audie Murphy - A Real - Reel Hero

Trace the steps of one of America's great war heroes, Audie Murphy, as we take you to where he made three of his most interesting movies, Hell Bent for Leather, Directed by George Sherman (1959), Posse from Hell, Directed by Herbert Coleman (1960), and Showdown, Directed by R. G.Springsteen (1962). Murphy was a better actor than he gave himself credit for and was involved in some production planning such as location spotting. Warren and Ross will show you not only sites from the films but also where some of these movies's most thrilling stunts were performed. The tour will incorporate interesting fact on the directors and some "Audie audio". 

Great Western Directors: Henry Hathaway

He was much more than just a studio workhorse. Henry Hathaway had a great life in motion picture production. Starting as a child actor in the early teens of the twentieth century and working through the ranks to become one of Hollywood’s top and most reliable A-feature directors with an impressive directing career spanning more than 40 years and 67 films across many genres. Some of his best films were filmed in Lone Pine. Learn more about Hathaway’s landmark films.


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