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Ansel Adams - In The Footsteps of the Master Join Catherine Kravitz, Museum Staff and Docent, as she follows Ansel Adams’ footsteps to five specific sites in which he created images that capture our beautiful landscape.  Gain insight into working with light, texture, and zones right where Adams worked.  Read the Full Story
Dynamite Pass - Remembering Tim Holt - NEW Dynamite Pass Tim Holt and the Mexican-Irish pal of his movie adventures, Richard Martin do battle with an unscrupulous toll road operator, in 1950’s Dynamite Pass where, this time the Alabama Hills stand-in for New Mexico. The RKO stars hire out to protect the builders of a new road,where not only guns but charges of dynamite come into play. After a bus ride to Lone Pines back lot, this WALKING tour, in the Alabama Hills, is centralized in Pot-sa-ga-wa Garden and it’s surrounding areas where Tim and Chito have worked numerous times before. Read the Full Story
Audie Murphy - A Real - Reel Hero Re-trace the steps of one of America's great war heroes, Audie Murphy, as we take you to where he made three of his most interesting movies, Hell Bent for Leather (1959), Posse from Hell (1960), and Showdown (1962). Murphy was a better actor than he gave himself credit for and was involved in some production planning such as location spotting. Warren and Ross will show you not only sites from the films but also where some of these movies's most thrilling stunts were performed. The tour will incorporate some "Audie audio". Join us as we saddle up with one of Lone Pine's great ghost riders.
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Lone Pine Back Lot Tour Visit locations seldom seen by our visitors. A must tour for movie buffs. Visit The Tim Holt cabin, A picture stop of Hoppys cabin, visit movie lake and a ghost town were so many movies were made. See a old train and gas station, and other locations still standing. Steve McQueen Tim Holt, Gene Autry Hopalong Cassidy and many others worked here. Hidden Lone Pine at its best.  Read the Full Story
A Good Day at Black Rock Jerry leads the auto caravan out to the dry lakes east of town. These strange flat areas have been used for races and scenes for several movies including Courageous Avenger, Army Girl, and Mel Gibson's, Maverick. Then it’s on to the Bad Day at Black Rock town site which gives the tour its name, "A Good Day at Black Rock."  Using large photos and sharing humorous anecdotes, Mr. Condit will lead folks through the area. A short walking distance from Black Rock, the tour will then take a stroll to the site of the ghost town set that was used in THE LAW AND JAKE WADE. A side trip to the Alabama's will identify other filming locations. Read the Full Story
Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger has been in the rocks here in Lone Pine since 1938 when Bill Witney and John English directed The Lone Ranger serial. On this tour you will visit sites where this action classic shot, onto some of the locations for the Clayton Moore and John Hart Ranger we remember from early television. Finally, we travel out to where Disney shot scenes for the most recent incarnation. It takes a little longer to travel between the locations than to travel back in time, but it is well worth the adventure. Read the Full Story
Secrets of the Wasteland A Hopalong Cassidy adventure inspired by the Shangri-La of LOST HORIZON -- the Bar 20 trio joins an archeological expedition in search of ancient Indian ruins. Instead they find a mysterious "lost city" populated by Chinese Americans!  Beforehand, we will screen the film in the Museum Theater then start out on our own expedition in search of the locations where Paramount Pictures lensed this western yarn. Read the Full Story
Hopalong Cassidy Original Bar 20 Ranch Tour Lone Pine’s future looks brightest when honoring its storied past. So let’s jump on the time machine and visit the still-working cattle ranch which served as the original “Bar 20” in the first and best Hopalong Cassidy feature film made in 1935. Come and see the historic and beautiful Lubken Ranch. Incredibly, the many westerns film location books have all ignored it, because until 2011 its rich movie history was unknown – even at our own festival. We begin in the museum theater with a video compilation of western excerpts shot at this pastoral venue covering the period from 1926 though 1949. Read the Full Story
North South Tour Considered one of the most scenic drives, you'll see LOTS of the Alabama Hills. The tour travels throughout the length of the Alabama Hills to famous filming locations of such movies as Gunga Din, Westward Ho, and Wagons Westward. You will visit famous locations on this combination of two original festival tours created by Festival Founder Dave Holland.  View the Hoppy cabin where the Boyds honeymooned.   Read the Full Story
Gunga Din Tour Filmed here in the summer and fall of 1938, Gunga Din remains to this day the largest production ever filmed in the Lone Pine area. The production company created huge sets, hired over a thousand extras, and built a tent city to house the cast and crew. It is recognized as one of the rare films of its era to stand up well to modern sensitivities. Visit the site of the temple, the village of Tanta Pur, battle scene locations and see the location of the bridge crossed by the elephants. Read the Full Story
Celebrity Stars at the 25th Lone Pine Film Festival   “Where the Real West Becomes the Reel West!”   ...Silver Anniversary ...Celebrity Guests    ...Back Lot Tours ....and much, much MORE!...           Read the Full Story
Sunrise Photo Tour For nearly 20 years film festival visitors have thrilled to the breath taking beauty of the Eastern High Sierra “Sunrise Tour”. A photographer’s dream event, but so inspirational, everyone can enjoy this early morning spectacle. See why directors and cinematographers couldn't get enough of the spectacular mornings in "The Range of Light." Read the Full Story
Anchor Ranch Walking Tour ANCHOR RANCH WALKING TOUR is a walking tour of the location for many Hopalong Cassidy and Tim Holt films. Anchor Ranch is currently a working ranch owned and operated by three generations of Spainhowers. The ranch has been used in Westerns for more than 80 years, becoming a Hacienda, Mission and the Anchorville set for many Hopalong Cassidy and Tim Holt Westerns.  First walk where Fatty Arbuckle, Fred Humes, Ken Maynard and many silent range heroes worked in the good old days. Read the Full Story
Owens River 1900 Water Wars Tour Four wheel drive tour of the Owens valley water war and Los Angeles aqueduct.  Learn how the river has made a comeback and the efforts being addressed to restore the river wildlife.  Tour led by California Historian and wildlife photographer  Page Williams and Lone Pines own Dorothy Bonnefin with local, Cathy Jefferson Bankroft riding, providing information on the early water wars with the Indians and white settlers.  Cathy is the Tribal historic preservationist for the Lone Pine Paiute-Shoshone reservation.
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Thank you to Everyone for a Wonderful 25th....
See you Next Year 
October 9 - 11, 2015
"Celebrating the Early Years." 


A Silver Anniversary Celebration
October 10, 11 12, 2014

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Where the Real West Becomes the Reel West

In 1989, Dave Holland, an authority on the Lone Ranger and long-time fan of Cowboy movies, joined Kerry and Ray Powell, along with a group of Lone Pine business and community leaders, in a plan to pay tribute to the extensive Hollywood heritage of the Alabama Hills; and the actors, directors and producers who had been coming for years to make films in Lone Pine. Hollywood's long standing love affair with the unique landscape of the Eastern Sierra had brought an extensive list of talent including actors Tom Mix, John Wayne, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and Tim Holt, as well as directors John Ford, William Witney, William Wellman and Budd Boetticher. 

Documentary to be Filmed @Festival
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Leo Burnett celebrated ad man, John Jessup
is turning his hand to directing to tell the 
story of Californian town Lone Pine and
its surprising heritage.

The result, in 1990, was the first festival held in Lone Pine called the Sierra Film Festival, October 6 & 7. The festival was co-sponsored by Kerry and Ray Powell, The Inyo Council for the Arts, California Arts Council and The Lone Pine Chamber of Commerce. 

The first page in the Film Festival Program Guide featured a proclamation acknowledging a debt of gratitude to Roy Rogers who dedicated the historical marker that was placed at Whitney Portal and Movie Road. The bronze plaque reads: 

Movie Flats – Lone Pine


Since 1920, hundreds of films and TV episodes including Gunga Din, How the West Was Won, King of the Kyber Rifles, High Sierra, along with the Lone Ranger and Bonanza, with such stars as Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rogers, Gary Cooper, Gene Autry, Glenn Ford, Humphrey Bogart, and John Wayne have filmed in these rugged Alabama Hills with the majestic Sierra Nevada background. Plaque dedicated by Roy Rogers, whose first starring role was filmed here in 1938.

Plaque placed by
E Clampus Vitus, Chap. 395
Date: October 7, 1990

Celebrities included, Roy Rogers, Richard Farnsworth, Rand Brooks, Eddie Dean, Linda Hayes, Pierce Lyden, Loren Janes, Jack Williams, William Witney, Irene Cuffe, and Yoe Yrigoyen.

Thank you to all those movie heroes and heroines, both past and present who have worked in the majestic setting of Lone Pine and the surrounding Eastern Sierra.


 Celebrity Attendees

Bruce Boxleitner -  Actor

Ben Burtt -  Academy Award® winner sound designer

 Craig Barron - Academy Award® winner visual effects supervisor

Dean Smith - Stuntman/Author

Johnny Crawford - Worked with Clayton Moore

Sandra Tyler - Randolph Scott's Daughter

Sylvia Durando - Stunt Woman 

David Rothel - Author

Miles Swarthout - Author, adapted Novel; The Shootist, for film

Steve Wystrach - Restoring Death Valley Days

William Wellman Jr. - Son of William Wellman

Jay Dee WitneySon of WIlliam Witney

Diamond Farnsworth - Stuntman

Ed Faulkner - Actor

Donna Martell -  Actress

Dawn Moore - Daughter of Clayton Moore

Cheryl Rogers Barnett - Daughter of Dale Evans & Roy Rogers

Peggy Stewart - Actress

Loren Janes - Stuntman

Wyatt McCrea - Grandson of Joel McCrea

Larry Maurice 

 Guest Moderators

Ed Hulse
David Rothel
 Rob Word

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Lone Pine Film History Museum

Museum_Store_Oct_6_2013_72__dpiThe Lone Pine Film History Museum

The Lone Film History Museum of Film History is dedicated to preserving the diverse movie history of California's Eastern Sierras, including Lone Pine and points North and the Death Valley region. Located on Highway 395 on the south end of town, the museum’s 10,000 square feet of exhibits, an eighty-five seat movie theater and gift shop offer visitors a unique experience helping to document and interpret the cultural heritage of America’s cinematic history through film programs, artifact preservation and exhibits.

However, the museum's largest exhibit is its “Back Lot” – The Alabama Hills, just to the west of town. Since the early 1920s, these rugged, rounded rock formations and meandering gullies have played a "starring role" as Hollywood’s Western backdrop for cowboy action thrillers featuring Hopalong Cassidy, Randolph Scott, Gene Autry, Tim Holt and Roy Rogers. William Shatner, Kevin Bacon and Robert Downey Jr. have all filmed in the shadow of Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, in such films as Star Trek, Tremors, and Ironman.

Come visit and enjoy a very unique film experience … and join us each Columbus Day weekend for our annual Lone Pine Film Festival honoring the heroes and heroines of the silver screen. Mingle with celebrity guests, visit the movie sites with the "back lot tours;" enjoy classic film screenings, a Saturday night concert featuring the best of America’s Western talent, a Sunday Cowboy Church service; and close the weekend with an old fashion “Main Street Parade" and Sunday evening's campfire roundup in the park.

All of this, on location in Lone Pine... “Where the Real West becomes the Reel West!”

The Lone Pine Museum is the fulfillment of the dreams of a number of people in the Lone Pine community with a passion to honor the heritage of western film making in the area. It is meant to celebrate the men and women, in-front of and behind the cameras, who brought over 700 films to the screen, capturing on film, the cinematic canvas of the Alabama Hills and the Eastern Sierra Nevada mountains

The community’s ambitious plans were realized in 2006 with cooperation and support of the people of Lone Pine, the local business Community. and the generous financial support of Beverly and Jim Rogers of Intermountain West Communications Company. Upon completion of the facility, Mr. Rogers’s contributed many items from his personal collection for display, including cars, silver saddles, and other valuable film treasures. Also on exhibit are hats and guns from many western stars, there are costumes from The Shootist, and a coat that Errol Flynn wore in Kim. The Museum has continued to build its collections with donations from numerous individuals in the industry, as well as collectors and interested individuals who believe in the Museums mission to provide both a showplace for Western film artifacts and towards the long term objective to develop an accessible archive for print and visual media celebrating our Western film heritage. The Museum's extended 'Back Lot Tours' are presented with the cooperation and support of the California Bureau of Land Management.

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Unlimited free general admission is only one of the exclusive benefits offered to members and designed to enhance every visit. Also included are free movie screenings, Friends of the Festival benefits, discounts, Members-only previews of major exhibit openings, and more. Membership dues at all levels sustain the world-renowned Museum of Lone Pine Film History’s, collection and support a full calendar of special events.

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25 Years - Program Guides 

Latest News

 25th Anniversary Film Festival

Celebrity Guests
Bruce Boxleitner
Ben Burtt & Craig Barron
Johnny Crawford
Sylvia Durando
Diamond Farnsworth
Ed Faulkner
Loren Janes
Donna Martell
Larry Maurice
Wyatt McCrea
Dawn Moore
Cheryl Rogers Barnett
Peggy Stewart 
Dean Smith
Miles Swarthout
Sandra Tyler
Willam Wellman Jr.
Jay Dee Witney

Guest Moderators
Ed Hulse
Rob Word
Steven Wystrach

Friday Night Keynote Film
Gunga Din
Post screening discussion with
Ben Burtt & Craig Barron

Saturday Night Keynote Film
Post Screening discussion with
Bruce Boxleitner 



Rodeo Too!


Wild West Show 

& More!